ENGL 4713 – GENRE FICTION – Section W1

Course Description –
Students study the skills and strategies necessary to meet the academic and personal demands of the university experience. Study skills, basic research methods, communicative strategies, and basic word processing skills are emphasized. The students gain an understanding of how a university functions, strategies for working with faculty and staff, and an orientation to the services and assistance made available to him/her.

Pre-requisite –

  • No Prequisite

Required Course Resources –

  • You will be given various websites to review throughout the course; therefore, you will not need a textbook for this class.

General Education Outcomes

  1. The student should enhance writing and speaking skills. The student should also develop a basic understanding of the practice of both traditional and electronic research.
  2. The student should develop the basic abilities of critical and logical thinking.
  3. The student should gain an understanding of the unique culture that exists within the university setting.
  4. The student will also gain an understanding of the structure of the university’s organization and its processes.

General Education Outcomes

  1. The student will gain the basic skills needed to build a foundation for the development of superior oral and written expression.
  2. The student will gain a basic understanding of the appropriate styles of language for the academic environment.

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