Course Description –
In this class we will explore the field of Abnormal psychology. What are some of the behaviors that are considered abnormal and when are they serious enough to be considered a mental disorder? We will examine some of the theories of why people act in ways different from the cultural norm. Behaviors that are maladaptive suggest that some problem(s) exist, and can also imply that the individual is vulnerable and cannot cope with stress, which is leading them to have problems functioning in daily life. We can notice this in others and even in ourselves at times. Some of you may want to go on and become clinical psychologists. This course will be a good foundation for you.

Pre-requisite –

  • PSYCH 1101

Recommended Course Resources –
Textbooks can be very expensive so I do not require that you buy one. I recommend this book: Abnormal Psychology, 7/E Authors: Oltmanns & Emory ISBN # 10:0205037437 (used in face-to-face class). Also, Abnormal Psychology. J.N. Butcher, S. Mineka, J.M. Hooley. Pearson education (some of ppts are from this book in 2011). However, most any book in abnormal psychology will suffice and you are expected to research for information on-line.

Course Learning Objectives –
The student will be able to explain and discuss the differences in the different theories of abnormal psychology including the

    1. Psychodynamic,
    2. Learning/Behavioral,
    3. Cognitive,
    4. Humanistic, and
    5. Stress models.


They will be able to describe types of clinical assessment.
They will be able to define the characteristics of some disorders having to do with

  1. Anxiety,
  2. Mood,
  3. Body image (somatoform),
  4. Dissociative (such as multiple personalities) and
  5. Eating disorders, etc.

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