Course Description –
The aim of this course is to provide you with an understanding of the basic principles of learning and cognitive processes. You will discover the learning processes that allow us to know how and when to act in order to obtain desired pleasurable aspects of our environment and to avoid unwanted unpleasant ones. Also, applications of basic concepts will be described in order to demonstrate that basic learning principles have been successfully used to alter behavior.

Pre-requisite –

  • Psych 1101

Recommended Materials –
Hopefully you can find info on-line and in the course itself for all you need. Two recommended books are:
Authors: Schunk; Title: Learning Theories: An Educational Perspective, 6/E; ISBN-10: 0137071957

Theories of Human Learning: What the Professor Said, International Edition, 6th Edition
Guy R. Lefrancois ISBN-10: 1111830142 | ISBN-13: 9781111830144 | 464 Pages | Paperbound | © 2012 | Published
or ISBN-13: 9781111829742 etc.

Major Outcomes –

  1. Be able to evaluate psychological theories
  2. Be able to to apply theories of major psychologists to applied situations.
  3. Be able to discuss implications of theories of learning and cognition.

Objectives –

  1. Be able to apply basics of operant learning to psychological and educational settings using scenario rubrics.
  2. Be able explain the educational and psychological implications of the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky using objective written test items
  3. Be able to read psychological and educational examples of learning situations and delineate the types of memory and forgetting.
  4. Be able to identify the important uses of modeling in learning situations.

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