Course Description –
Students discuss general measurement theory as applied to psychology. Psychological tests are critiqued with respect to validity and reliability. Students demonstrate the ability to administer and interpret selected psychological tests.

Recommended Course Resources –
Gregory, R. J. (2004) Psychological Testing : History, Principles and Applications. (4th edition). Boston : Allyn and Bacon. ISBN: 9780205468829.

Course Learning Outcomes –

Who are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? In this course we look at psychological tests that have been created to answer questions such as this. This course is about how psychologists test and evaluate people—including you. This semester we will concentrate on finding tests that will help you make a good career choice. What kind of tests might be useful to know if you would be a good nurse, teacher, executive, to know if you are marrying the right person, etc. The goal is for you to able to create a test, give it and evaluate it. Have it be a test that will be helpful to you.

What constitutes a good hypothesis and a good test? Concepts such as validity and reliability are discussed. You will demonstrate your ability to test hypotheses, to give and to evaluate tests. This course hopefully will help make sure you are ready for the next step in your life—whether it is a job and/or graduate school. To that end critical thinking and clear writing are essential. The course is designed to help you strive towards these goals. Because this course is on-line we have the opportunity to design it to your needs and interests. Think about what you want to learn in this course and the professor will try to accommodate. You can get credit for downloading relevant material from the web. I hope the course will be fun for all of us.

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