PSYC 4912 – INTERNSHIP – Section W1

Course Description –
Students work in a setting appropriate for the application of psychological skills.
Students learn to function in a professional environment. Students are placed
under the supervision of a social science worker while completing 400 hours of service.

Pre-requisite –

  • Senior standing in psychology and permission from the instructor

Required Course Resources –
There is no book in this course. Please see Technological Resources
needed for successful completion of course outcomes and activities

Learning Outcomes –

  1. Interns will solve routine and non-routine problems, demonstrate leadership, and engage in volunteerism when needed. This outcome will be assessed via the field supervisor evaluation rubric.
  2. Interns will understand and use organizational structure and processes, and be aware and knowledgeable of ethical issues related to their internship experience. This outcome will be assessed via the field supervisor evaluation rubric

Course Objectives –

  1. Students will gain valuable experience which will allow them to gain exposure to different applications within the discipline of Psychology.
  2. Students will be better prepared to evaluate the type of setting/position to which they would aspire in the future.
  3. Interns will write clearly, speak effectively, and use technology appropriately.
  4. Interns will think logically, critically and show imagination and creativity in their work efforts.
  5. Interns shall critically evaluate their own culture and that of others.

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