Course Description –
Course Description – This course will provide students with basic statistical concepts; a working knowledge of test selection, administration, interpretation of test results and communication of findings in a comprehensive evaluation report. A major emphasis will be on the application of the procedures and utilization of the tools of vocational evaluation including: work related behavioral observations, individual evaluation plans, vocational counseling, standardized tests, work samples, and situational assessments.


Pre-requisite –

  • None


Required Course Resources –
Title: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Edition/Year: 6th ed


Course Learning Objectives –

C.7.1 determine an individual’s eligibility for rehabilitation services and/or programs;

C.7.2 facilitate consumer involvement in evaluating the feasibility of rehabilitation or independent living objectives;

C.7.3 utilize assessment information to determine appropriate services;

C.7.4 assess the unique strengths, resources, and experiences of an individual including career knowledge and interests;

C.7.5 evaluate the individual’s capabilities to engage in informed choice and to make decisions;

C.7.6 assess an individual’s vocational or independent living skills, aptitudes, interests, and preferences;

C.7.7 assess an individual’s need for rehabilitation engineering/technology services throughout the rehabilitation process;

C.7.8 assess the environment and make modifications for reasonable accommodations;

C.7.9 use behavioral observations to make inferences about work personality, characteristics, and adjustment;

10. C.7.10 integrate assessment data to describe consumer’s assets, limitations, and preferences for

rehabilitation planning purposes;

11. C.7.11 interpret test and ecological assessment outcomes to consumers and others;and

12. C.7.12 objectively evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation services and outcomes.

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