Course Description –
The student will continue to acquire, in a proficiency-oriented, integrated approach, the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing the language, and cross-cultural awareness. The student will further their development of practical vocabulary and accurate pronunciation.

Pre-requisite –

  • Spanish 1001 or equivalent

Required Course Resources –
Panorama 4E Student Edition, Supersite Plus

Course Learning Objectives –
The primary purpose of Elementary Spanish 1002 is to systematically expose the student to the basic elements of the Spanish language and culture so that the student will acquire sufficient skills in speaking, understanding (listening), reading and writing that will enable him/her to:

  1. Understand questions/short statements spoken in the target language at a pace which complies with the guidelines established by ACTFL
  2. Speak or reproduce in the target language a variety of everyday simple topics
  3. Read simple materials on a variety of topics in the target language
  4. Write in the target language on a variety of everyday simple topics using proper grammatical structures
  5. Demonstrate cultural knowledge and awareness about areas of the world where the target language is spoken

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