The C.W. Pettigrew Farm and Community Life Center is a full-service conference, convention, and fine arts facility where unforgettable occasions are created. As an outreach program of Fort Valley State University, the center serves the conference and convention needs of the middle Georgia areas and beyond as well as the campus.

Whether accommodating six or over 1,000 guests for catering, planning, coordinating or facilitating your event, The Pettigrew Center’s professional staff is ready to provide you with complete services at competitive rates.

Here are examples of how other educational, governmental, civic,social, business, professional and religious groups use our service:

  • Award Events Holiday events Reunions
  • Banquets Luncheons Seminars
  • Charity fundraisers Meetings Social events
  • Concerts New product launches Stage performances
  • Conferences Pageants Trade shows
  • Conventions Presentations Video conferencing
  • Exhibitions Proms Weddings
  • Fashion shows Receptions

Fairs and festivals Retreats

  • Wireless Internet
  • Video Conference capabilities
  • Conference calling
  • Projection Presentation capabilities…etc
  • The 600-seat performing arts theater can enhance any organization’s large meeting needs. Built-in writing surfaces supplement the comfortable theater seating to provide a highly satisfactory setting for large classes and seminars. The facility lends itself to audio-visual presentations of all types. The high-tech sound system, acoustics, and computerized lighting equipment make the theater one of the finest in the area.

Works by local artists are displayed in a gallery arrangement on a regular basis. The spacious, open lobby area offers a pleasing setting for any function.

The center’s professional staff is available to help with the planning, scheduling and implementation of programming for your event.

Contact: Donald Moore, Director
(478) 825-6478; Fax: (478) 825-6599;

On June 30, 1973, Cleveland W. Pettigrew, a graduate of Fort Valley State College who received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1943, became the third president of Fort Valley State College. He earned his master’s degree at Atlanta University, and his Doctor of Education degree at Cornell University in 1957. Pettigrew returned to Fort Valley State College in 1961 as a Professor of Education. In 1967, he was named Dean of the Graduate Division. Under his leadership, six new buildings were completed: the Florence Johnson Hunt Infirmary, 1975; the Henry Alexander Hunt Memorial Library, 1975; the Horace Mann Bond Academic Building, 1976; the Otis O’Neal Building and Houston Stallworth Research Building, 1982; and an annex to the A. T. Wilson-Timothy Roberts Physical Plant Building.

In June of 1982, Pettigrew died suddenly of a heart attack. His legacy included about a dozen new programs implemented to attract an able and racially mixed student body. The Pettigrew Center was one of those programs. Upon Pettigrew’s death, Walter W. Sullivan, Dean of Academic Affairs at the college from September 1978, was appointed acting president.

Dr. Pettigrew had a vision that a community center, made available to the area residents and the people of the State of Georgia, would bring the diversity of the people together. His vision was funded as part of the 1978 desegration plans of the University System of Georgia. The center opened in 1987 and has stood as Dr. Pettigrew’s legacy since. Although he did not live to see his vision become a reality, his forethought has worked to unite the people of the immediate area and of the state of Georgia.

If Traveling South From Macon

Take Interstate 75 south, bypass Macon on I-475S, and exit at Byron/Fort Valley (Exit 149). Turn right at the end of the ramp and proceed eleven miles to Fort Valley on Route 49. Pass the Blue Bird Body Company and continue straight through the downtown area on Route 49/Camellia. Cross the railroad tracks and turn left on State University Drive. The campus is on the left less than one mile away. The Pettigrew Center is at the south end of the campus. Enter through the gate at the end of the brick fence. Parking is in two lots behind the building (unless otherwise instructed by Campus Security).

If Traveling North

Take Interstate 75 north and exit at Perry/Fort Valley (Exit 136). Turn left at the end of the ramp and proceed about ten miles to Fort Valley on Route 341. Pass the Industrial Park and turn left on University Boulevard. Travel to the first stop sign, which will be State University Drive. Turn right onto State University Drive. The campus is on the right. The Pettigrew Center is the second building on the right. Enter through the first gate in the brick fence. Parking is in two lots behind the building (unless otherwise instructed by Campus Security).

The C. W. Pettigrew Farm and Community Life Center is a full-service, 55,000 square-foot, conference/convention/fine arts facility that provides outreach services to the Fort Valley State University community. The building houses the center’s Administrative Offices and the Fort Valley State University Cooperative Extension Program. The Pettigrew Center facilities are available to individuals, groups and organizations for educational, cultural, business, civic, and public service functions or private parties. The Pettigrew Center staff is charged with facilitating all events by providing full-service programming, meal service arrangements, and quality customer service.

Due to the center’s classification as a state facility, the building is not available for religious ceremonies, merchandising campaigns, political rallies, non-university fundraising events or similar functions. Please contact the director’s office if you have a question about the nature of your event. The university administration has the authority to refuse programs it deems inappropriate.

Facility Use Form

Space Scheduling

Space in the Pettigrew Center can be reserved by completing a [Facility Use Form](/files/mainfiles/FacilityUse.pdf). The Event Coordinator should call first to check space availability and follow up with a facility use form and the Pettigrew Center Coordinator will work directly with the event coordinator in effecting the following arrangements:

  • Room set up
  • Equipment Request
  • Catering Requirements
  • Payment for services rendered

Rooms will be available two hours prior to the announced start time. Facilities cannot be guaranteed earlier unless special arrangements have been approved in advance. Groups that fail to meet center regulations will be restricted from center use. __If the necessary forms are not submitted/returned promptly, the program may not be facilitated. This applies to all agencies, groups, individuals, and FVSU departments.__ The center reserves the right to change room assignments based on priority and need.

Refreshments and Banquet Service

Food service requests with less than 48 business hours notice cannot be facilitated.

All food service and refreshment breaks must be arranged through the assigned Pettigrew Center conference coordinator. Please do not negotiate your own catering arrangements. Food service requests require at least 10 business days notice.

A certified food service worker is required to be present any time food is served.

Estimates of food service charges will be listed on the contract, but actual costs may change depending on the confirmed number of people. Please estimate your program attendance as accurately as possible. If the actual number is more than original estimate, the caterer has the right to alter the meal service charges accordingly. Guaranteed numbers are due 10 business days before the event, after which, the numbers cannot change.

All charges will be determined by the assigned Pettigrew Center conference coordinator and approved by the event coordinate at least 10 days before the event is held in order for the sponsoring group or individual to complete a requisition for a purchase order, or pay a deposit prior to the program.

Any deposits will be credited against the final charges.

All past due accounts over 30 days old are subject to interest charges at a rate of 18% APR.

In compliance with Board of Health regulations, all cooked and baked items served in the center must be prepared only by licensed food service establishments or licensed caterers.

Weddings and Receptions

Weddings and Receptions have additional policies for use.

In addition to the policy for use of the Pettigrew Center, additional regulations for usage are as follows:

  • The minimum charge for all weddings and/or wedding receptions is $475.00.
  • Additional rooms are available at the rate of $100 per room.
  • If the space is needed on the day before the wedding/reception for rehearsal or for decorating, a fee of $100 is charged. That fee is for a time period of four hours. If both the rooms and auditorium must be reserved, the rehearsal fee will be $200 for four hours.
  • A non refundable deposit of $250 must be received before the facility can be reserved. The $250 will be credited toward the final bill.
  • Any additional fees incurred by the Center will be passed on to the signee, according to the FVSU policy.
  • All food services must be arranged by the assigned Pettigrew center coordinator. Outside caterers may be utilized provided they are on the Center’s approved list.
  • The signee is responsible for any damage to the Center during the event.

Fire Safety Regulations

The use of candles or open flames is prohibited unless the flame is shielded by a glass globe or is contained in a metal cup. The center adheres to a strict code regarding fire safety and crowd control. Registration or distribution of tickets is required when capacity crowds are expected. The configuration of tables, chairs, crowd flow, and traffic control must be tailored to conform to the codes. Tables and chairs must not block doors or major exit routes in the lobby. The assigned Pettigrew center conference coordinator will assist with supplying the desired arrangements, but groups will be expected to comply with the safety code limitations in planning events, seating conference participants or banquet guests, and in expediting banquet service for large groups. Additional auditorium seating and wheelchair seating is limited by fire safety regulations.

Rooms 102, 103, and 104 can be used together or separately to facilitate meetings of up to 500 participants theatre style or 260 participants banquet style. The rooms can be used individually in a variety of setups. Each room has an individual LCD projector, sounds system, LCD screen, etc that can be used to project television signals, video tapes, CD’s or computer images, etc.

Room Capacities:
Location Banquet Classroom Boardroom Herringbone U-Shaped Theatre
102 48 30 30 30 80
103 48 30 30 30 80
104 96 60 30 33 120
102-04 252 120 250
106 24 30 24 27 45
107 24 30 24 27 45
108 10+
110 96 72 30 33 108

Donald Moore
Director of the Pettigrew Center
(478) 825-6478; Fax: (478) 825-6599;

Vacant | Conference Coordinator

Vacant |Conference Facilitator

Vacant | Conference Facilitator

Vacant | Administrative Assistant

Vacant | Food Service Coordinator

Phyllis Walker | Facilitator
(478) 825-6386

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