Plans Underway to ‘BlueOut’ the Capitol

Fort Valley State University will paint the state capitol blue and gold when the university hosts a special day spotlighting the best the campus has to offer. The fourth annual FVSU Day at the Capitol takes place Monday, Feb. 27, 2017 at 8 a.m. in Atlanta.

“FVSU Day at the Capitol is the university’s opportunity to showcase our students, programs and academic achievements to legislators and to let them see our contributions to higher education” said Charles Jones, chief legal officer and director of government relations.

FVSU members and supporters will assemble in room 230. Visitors will view interactive displays highlighting Fort Valley State University student research and various academic programs. Alumni are encouraged to attend to reconnect with the university and speak with elected officials about the value of FVSU. The event concludes with a group photograph in the rotunda.

Supporters are encouraged to help “BlueOut” the capitol by wearing FVSU royal blue.

For more details, contact the FVSU Office of Government Relations, (478) 825-6156.


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