Plant Biotechnology students receive National Science Foundation scholarship

FVSU biotechnology students receive scholarships

February 19, 2016 – Fort Valley State University student D’Amber Jones views getting an education as a ticket to her future career goals. The junior biotechnology student was one of 33 students to receive a $4,000 biotechnology scholarship at a recent ceremony inside the Tabor Building recently.

“Thanks to this scholarship, I was able to quit a job that I was working at restaurant, that had nothing to do with my school work,” Jones said. “It was stressful, I just look as this award as a future investment. It helped me because it gave me the foundation I needed to become a scientist.”

To qualify for the scholarship, students needed to be recommended for the NSF Scholarship in Plant Science Biotechnology (S-STEM) program by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The students needed to complete an application, get three letters of recommendation from faculty members, and meet the financial need requirement.

At a small ceremony in a Tabor Building Classroom, students introduced themselves to Kendall Isaac, FVSU’s Chief of Staff. They told the administrator about their majors and their future career plans after graduating from college.

Clarence Hicks, a senior majoring in biology/plant biotechnology, was one of the students that Isaac heard from. Hicks says the scholarship will help out with books for classes. He said the program has equipped him with the skills necessary to succeed.

“The entire program under Dr. Dhir has helped me to become a better researcher, “ Hicks, because I’ve learned how to take better notes and analyze what’s going on, and I’ve learned how to pace myself in individuals tasks that need to get done to accomplish research projects.”


For details, contact Dr. Sarwan Dhir, director of FVSU’s Center for Biotechnology at (478) 822-1057 or Roslyn Smith, administrative assistant at (478) 825-6887.