President’s Cabinet and Strategic Initiatives Leadership

Jessica Bailey, Interim President

Rayton Sianjina, Interim Provost and VP for

Academic Affairs

Phone: 478-825-6330

Melody L. Carter, VP of External Affairs and

Executive Director of the FVSU Foundation

Phone: 478-825-6397

Isaac Crumbly, Associate VP and Founder/Director

Cooperative Development Energy Program

Phone: 478-825-6243

Dwayne Crew, Associate VP for Business and Finance/Chief Facilities


Phone: 478-825-6200

Donta Truss, Associate VP Institutional Research,

Planning and Effectiveness/Center for Retention Services

Phone: 478-822-7593

Dorothy Stripling, Interim Chief Finance Officer &

Assistant Comptroller/Director of Accounting Services

Phone: 478-625-6111

Charles Jones, Chief Legal Officer and Director of

Government Relations

Phone: 478-825-6256

Dr. Angela Harris, VP for Student Success and

Enrollment Management

Phone: 478-825-6291

Joshua Murfree, Athletic Director


Phone: 478-825-6238

Dr. Giovind Kannan, Dean of the College of

Agriculture, Family Science and Technology

Phone: 478-825-6322


Dr. Govind Kannan, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Family Science and Technology

Dr. Uppinder Mehan, Dean of the College and Arts and Arts Sciences

Dr. Edward Hill, Dean for the College of

Dr. Rayton Sianjina, Dean of Graduate Studies and Extended Education


Pamela Berry-Johnson, Director of Marketing and Communications

Ian Toppin, Director, Offices of Enhancing Critical Thinking and Center for Teaching and Learning

Denise W. Eady, Chief Compliance Officer

Meigan Fields, Director of the Honors Program

Andrew Lee, Director of Undergraduate Research

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