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Request for Services

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This system will allow you to submit OFFICIAL FVSU announcements to various distribution channels. Ensure the information given includes correct dates, times and places and the correct spelling of any individual’s names and job titles. Marketing and Communications does not announce or cover non-FVSU events, including entertainment and church-sponsored activities that are not FVSU-sponsored.

To maximize exposure, submit your announcement at least 48 to 72 hours prior to your event. Please provide a minimum of two-weeks’ notice for design requests. The announcement guidelines are available for download near the end of this form. Please call the Office of Marketing and Communications, (478) 825-6319 to outline a marketing plan for your event.

We cannot ensure graphic developments for announcements submitted less than five days prior to the event.

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    Please provide a minimum of two-weeks' notice for requests.
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  • Upload a logo or supporting image that you would like included in your slide. There are no guarantees that this image will be used, but we will work to do so whenever possible.
  • If you have a PDF or Word Document that you feel would help us in creating your slides, please include it here.
  • What Web address should we direct viewers to when they click on your announcement?

Submission Guidelines

News Release Guide

FVSU Communication Standards Checklist(2013)