Vacancy Number:  996

Job Summary:  The Fort Valley State University (FVSU) Police Sergeant is certified by the State of Georgia to handle all aspects of emergency and non-emergency calls. This position is extremely critical to the safety and security of FVSU students, faculty, staff, visitors, and for the protection of campus property and resources.

This position reports to the Chief of Campus Police and Safety.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Inspects the equipment and the appearance of subordinate officers; assigns police officers to patrol areas; relays and explains special orders and information; checks police officers performance in the field and gives advice and assistance when necessary.
  • Supervises subordinate personnel engaged in the preparation and maintenance of various records, reports and related materials; reviews records and reports submitted by other divisions for completeness and conformance to regulations.
  • Inspects vehicles of subordinate before and after operation
  • Perform the duties of a superior officer in the absence of the superior.
  • Prepares necessary records and reports as required.
  • Patrol a designated area of campus to preserve law and order, to prevent and discover the commission of crimes and to enforce traffic regulations
  • Take charge of and guide the work of subordinate law enforcement personnel in various situations until relieved by superior officer
  • Answer calls and complaints involving fire, traffic or other accidents, robberies, and other misdemeanors and felonies and take necessary police action
  • Prepare various records and reports/which includes search warrants and affidavits
  • Investigate crimes against persons and property
  • Interview victims, witnesses and suspects
  • Search for and evaluate evidence
  • Arrest person or persons suspected of crimes
  • Testify in court and Judicial hearings as required
  • Performs related work as required

Qualifications Minimum:

  • Graduation from a standard high school supplemented by the completion of two years of college and three to five (3–6) years of experience in police or related work OR any equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and meet driving record criteria established by the Department
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent decision-making skills and the ability to think and act quickly


  • Associate’s Degree or equivalent credits towards a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience working on a college campus

NECESSARY Special Requirements:  

Will fully comply with the requirements for peace officer as set forth in the Georgia Peace Officers Standard and Training Act as defined by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council. Georgia Law 92A-2100 (as amended).

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Extensive knowledge of standard police practices and techniques
  • Extensive Knowledge of controlling laws and ordinances, particularly the laws of arrest
  • Knowledge of the university properties, population, and traffic control problems
  • Knowledge of first aid principles
  • Ability to guide, assign, supervise and direct subordinate law enforcement personnel and assist in training programs
  • Ability to deal firmly and courteously with subordinates and the public
  • Ability to analyze the situations quickly and objectively, and on own initiative, to determine proper course of action to be taken
  • Ability to obtain information through interview and interrogation
  • Ability to speak and write effectively
  • Skilled in the use and care of firearms.
  • Ability to meet specific physical requirements that may be established by competent authority

Working conditions:

  • Work is performed primarily out-of-doors, and may require exposure to extreme weather conditions
  • Has potential for exposure to potentially dangerous interpersonal situations, necessitating the observance of appropriate safety precautions
  • Requires weekend, holiday, and shift work

Physical requirements:

  • Must fully understand the role of a sworn officer know when to summon additional assistance and/or fire/EMS
  • Job may be physically demanding at times and may require physical exertion including bending, reaching, stooping, lifting, pushing, pulling, etc.
  • Requires long periods of walking, standing, and sitting
  • Requires the ability to defend oneself or a member of the community in exigent circumstances


 Interested persons MUST submit a complete application packet which includes:

  • FVSU Application (include Job Title and Job Number)
  • Cover Letter (include Job Title and Job Number)
  • Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript(s) – Diploma copies are not accepted in lieu of transcripts
  • List of three (3) Professional References including their contact information

Complete application packets should be emailed to, with the Job Title and Job Number in the subject line. Application packets that do not contain ALL required information will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

  The deadline to apply is September 12, 2016.