Student Email

E-mail glitches will soon become a thing of the past according to FVSU Office of Information Technology. The university has launched a new e-mail system with a sleeker look and a new name: Wildcat Mail. The Microsoft Corporation is hosting the new service, free of charge on off-campus servers. The system provides students with more storage space for document, photographs and advanced features such as texting to cell phones. The new e-mail server’s address is available at:

Click the following link to access the Student WebMail:

The benefit of hosting the new system off campus is that it frees space on old servers. Students are encouraged to test drive Wildcat Mail and will have 30 days to transfer their FVSU mail accounts to the new system. If students have accessed BannerWeb, an email account has already been generated. Students can log-in to view their accounts.

For more information about Wildcat Mail, please contact FVSU’s Office of Information Technology at (478) 825-6228.


Check you email as often as possible and log in frequently to get vital information that will allow you to stay familiar with the new system.