Success Summer

Year-round Pell Grants Now Available.
Your summer just got hotter.

• Use your Pell Grant to pay for summer courses at FVSU.
• Take the classes you need to catch up or get ahead.
• Speed up your time to graduation.
Less stress, smaller classes, and lighter course loads mean you can learn more in a relaxed environment.
• Spend meaningful time hanging out with friends.

Step 1:
Check with your academic advisor to register for summer school.
– Freshmen and sophomores: Click here for a list of advisors.
– Juniors and seniors: Click here for a list of advisors or consult your academic department.

Contact Financial Aid to check your Pell Grant eligibility and other aid options. Click here.

Step 3:
Contact Housing if you need housing for the summer. Click here.

Now Pell Grant funds are available for summer classes.

No need to go back to your childhood bedroom at home and work part-time when you can improve your academic standing and spend a productive summer on campus studying and spending quality time with your friends. Enroll today and set yourself up for success.

Must be enrolled at least half-time for the summer semester with six credit hours to be eligible for Pell Grant funding.