Wildcat fans hyped over season opener

August 31, 2011 – The Fort Valley State University Wildcats are preparing for the highly anticipated 2011 football season opener against the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Rattlers on September 3. Players and coaches hope this year’s “synergy” theme topples the team that sits on “the highest of seven hills.” Students and fans are already making predictions about the outcome. “We ain’t scared of no snakes,” said FVSU Class of ’57 alumnus Rufus Green, who promised to bring signs that carry his message to the game. “I’ve always been a strong supporter of our athletics,” said Green.

The Macon FVSU Alumni Chapter is sponsoring a trip to the big showdown. The motor coach leaves the Macon Mall at 12 p.m. Saturday and returns after the game. “I’m excited and I can’t wait,” said Macon Alumni Chapter president John Simmons. “I know we’re going to win. Many people are driving from all over to see this game,” he said.

Wildcats are carpooling and packing tour buses heading to Florida’s capital city with students and fans from all over Georgia. Two buses from Macon and one from Atlanta is heading to Tallahassee; and the Class of ’71 will sponsor a bus out of Fort Valley. The Atlanta, DeKalb and Southern Crescent chapters of the FVSU National Alumni Association, Inc. are departing Southlake Mall at 8 a.m. The chapter plans to donate all proceeds of the fundraising trip to the Wildcat Blue Machine Marching Band initiative.

FVSU secured two 55-passenger buses, which leave Carnegie Hall between 10:15 and 10:30 a.m. on game day. Transportation is free; however, students are required to purchase game tickets and bring money for meals. To sign-up, students should visitFVSU’s Student Amenities Building, room 210. Buses leave Tallahassee following the game.

Ticket sales spiked as the FVSU/FAMU contest nears. “I’m down to two hundred tickets for reserved seating only and the student tickets have sold out,” said John Cagnina,FVSU’s Wildcat Ticket Office manager and director of student financial services. The matchup between FVSU and FAMU will be the first since FVSU defeated the Rattlers in 1984. “I sold tickets to the FAMU game because it’s a big matchup. I’ve got people driving all the way from Atlanta to buy tickets. It’s a lot of pride for the people going to this game,” said Cagnina.

Tickets are available online for $25, plus $7.50 tax.

Wildcat pride builds and excitement abounds on campus as students get ready to make the one hundred and seventy-five-mile drive to Bragg Memorial Stadium. “My friends and I are leaving around eight in the morning. We’ve been planning this trip since we found out,” said Christian Jordan, a mass communications student from Macon, Ga.

To purchase tickets, fans may also visit the Cashier’s Office in FVSU’s Troup Building, room 230 or onsite at the Bragg Memorial Stadium. The price is $10 for students with valid student identification.


Written by:
Horace C. Holloman, III
Marketing and Communications contributor
(478) 825-6319