Ralph P. Malone Youth Motivation Task Force Conference

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary 
April 12-14, 2016

Fort Valley State University’s Office of Career and Alumni Services hosts an annual conference designed to motivate young people to take charge of their lives and travel the path of success.

The conference was launched in 1967 by Ralph P. Malone, FVSU’s former director of Career Placement, with the assistance of the National Urban League. The event, led by a group of successful business mentors and FVSU alums, is meant to inspire young people to pursue professional careers.  Malone passed away in 1988. Four years,the event was later renamed the Ralph P. Malone Youth Motivation Task Force in his honor.

During the conference, entrepreneurs, professors and business owners visit FVSU and Peach County High School classrooms to dispense advice about how they succeeded in the business world.

The highlight of the event is the special assembly program held in the C.W. Pettigrew Center.

ralphmaloneMr. Ralph Patrick Malone, a native of Henderson, North Carolina, was a product of the Durham, North Carolina School System and North Carolina Central University. Ralph departed this life on April 26, 1988.

Enjoying a long career in higher education, Mr. Malone was Coach and Registrar at Howard Junior College in Ocala, Florida before serving as Director of Career Placement (1965-1988). He worked hard to develop a first class Career Planning and Placement Center, enabling graduates and students to seek and get jobs and internships in traditional and non-traditional sectors.

In 1967, he sponsored the first Youth Motivation Task Force at Fort Valley State College with the assistance of the National Urban League. He initiated the Cooperative Education Program with the assistance of the Title III Program, thereby enabling our students to gain experience on the job while studying for the degree and guaranteeing a job upon graduation.

Mr. Malone served as President of the National Career Planning and Placement Association and worked untiringly as a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (Secretary); National Heart Fund (Local Chairman); the Thomas Public Library Board (Peach County); the Fort Valley State College Foundation ( Secretary); and Development Officer.

It is for this and other sundry reasons that in 1992, The Youth Motivation Task Force Program was dedicated and renamed The Ralph P. Malone Youth Motivation Task Force Program and again renamed in 2012, The Ralph P. Malone Youth Motivation Task Force Conference.

To register for the Youth Motivation Task Force Conference, fill out the registration form here: Ralph P. Malone Youth Motivation Task Force Conference

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