Academic Department

The Department of Chemistry supports the land-grant mission of the university and the College of Arts and Sciences. The mission of the Chemistry Department is to encourage the advancement of chemistry in all branches of science, to promote research in science, and to improve the qualifications and usefulness of chemists in the workplace through high educational standards and professional ethics.

  • The department prepares each student for a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry (degree requirements can be found here.).
  • Students may choose to pursue a concentration in forensics (concentration requirements can be found here.)

The FVSU Bachelor Science in Chemistry Degree Program prepares students for immediate employment or for graduate work in chemistry. Through the program, students understand the fundamental principles of the various branches of chemistry and their applications and the relationship of chemistry to other fields. Graduates are prepared to work effectively in science and engineering-related fields including chemistry, the biological, geological and physical sciences, or other professions such as medical, pharmaceutical, forensics, and many types of engineering.  Students are also prepared to work effectively as laboratory chemist at companies such as Shell, Exxon Mobile and BP. Many also pursue higher education at professional schools in fields such as dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy or graduate programs in science disciplines including chemistry, biological, and physical sciences, and others.

The business of chemistry in the USA directly generates approximately 1 million jobs. Millions more are created and supported by the industries that base their own production off of chemistry products, with nearly 37 million jobs (or 26% of total U.S. employment) in industries that depend on chemistry products, including farming, construction, plastics manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, dry cleaning services, building services, health care, food chemistry, forensics, environmental monitoring equipment and services, etc. to name just a few (more about chemistry careers can be found through the American Chemistry Council).  The chemistry major provides great earning potential for those that are willing to take the challenge of being one of FVSU’s best and brightest.

The Chemistry Department’s curriculum provides each student with comprehensive, stimulating and challenging academic experiences. The course content serves as vehicles for critical thinking in the fundamental areas of modern chemistry. Course offerings in the department are designated CHEM, PHSC, GEOL, and SCIE.


Chemistry students are expected to spend a summer of their tenure working in a laboratory in industry or research at major universities. The experiences give our students the exposure of the various instrumentations that may not be available at this time at our University.

Clubs and Organizations

Highly engaged students often achieve enhanced success. FVSU chemistry students participate in clubs and organizations including: