Languages and Liberal Studies

Academic Department

Highlighted Courses

  • ENGL 2073: On Line Communication – From the history of the ‘net to how to build your own web suites, bots and more. This course is designed to teach you how to be the best net-communicator you can be.
  • ENGL 2163: Studies in Literature – In this course, the topic varies ranging from Comic Books to The Image of The African American in Literature. Depending upon the topic, this can be a course of wide-ranging appeal.
  • ENGL 4033 (or 4043 or 4053): Studies in African-American Literature – Three different courses, ranging from an introduction in 4033, to prose in 4043 and drama and poetry in 4053, these courses give you the opportunity to explore the development, social insights, cultural values, and importance of this genre of literature. Take the time to learn about your heritage.
  • ENGL 3600: Symbology – This course is designed to teach you how to begin to be able to decipher the world of symbols which exist all around you. From the symbols huge corporations use to try to change our behavior, to the symbols that significant other uses to try to subtly change our behavior, we live in a sea of symbols. This course will look at what symbols are, their history, how they are used against us, how to decipher them, and how to use them in many different vocations.

Many of our courses are offered online.