Student Health and Counseling Services

Mental Health Counseling Services

FVSU Student Counseling Services

Mental health services for FVSU students are offered through the:

Florence J. Hunt Student Health Center
Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Fort Valley State University
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Phone: (478) 822-1035

Yes, you’re smart and you’re in college, but you’re still human and you’re not immune from personal problems. Everyone is going to have bad days when they need someone to talk to. If your difficulties persist, we are here to help you. Confidential, free counseling is offered to you as a Fort Valley State University student. FVSU’s professional mental health counselors assist students with the following:

  • Individual Counseling: Provides one-on-one theory-based interventions designed to assist students in identifying, verbalizing, and processing consequences of faulty belief systems and/or poor choices and associated behaviors that negatively impede their focus and mental stability. This is done while simultaneously equipping them with strategies and tactics designed to alleviate such impediments.
  • Group Counseling: Involves the use of specific group based interventions to address and process specific challenges/issues held in common by participants. Group dynamics allow the individual collective support and a structured environment where participants may safely share their experiences.
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling and Referral: VBHS will provide 24-hour crisis intervention and emergency services for students experiencing acute emotional distress who pose a danger to themselves and/or others and are in need of immediate crisis stabilization and/or hospitalization.
  • Peer Educators Training: Provide appropriate support to students at risk for mental health and substance abuse. Peer Educators will promote behavioral health awareness programs, implement effective interventions, and develop culturally relevant outreach strategies for reaching the University’s unique student population while removing the stigma associated with behavioral health.
  • Outreach activities: Provides outreach activities for students regarding Substance Abuse, Date Rape, Grief, Stress Management, Assertiveness Skills, etc. Educate and provide a continuum of mental health related information, awareness campaigns and grant supported programs* to students, faculty and staff through social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
  • Counseling Resource Center: Provide support for students in need of independent access to a variety of self-help modalities, i.e. brochures/pamphlets., and encourages self-learning in a confidential environment.
  • Suicide Prevention/Education: Provide screenings, prevention activities and campaigns.
  • Consultation Services: – Are available to student organizations, faculty, departments of the University and outside agencies upon request (speaking to groups on stress management, conflict resolution, etc.).