Financial Responsibilities

By registering for classes at Fort Valley State University, students agree that they are financially responsible for all charges related to their course registration, meal plan, housing, and other related fees. In addition, students are also responsible for any fines, penalties or damage fees they may incur and that are processed through their student account. Students are to complete payment of their tuition and fees by the due dates outlined on the academic calendar, and due dates on any billing statements to maintain an active enrollment status and the ability to register for future courses.

Review student financial transactions and submit payments at the Student Account Suite. Visit the site often to remain aware of all charges, payments, and/or adjustments to your account.

Billing Statements

Billing statements are uploaded electronically to the FVSU Student Account Suite if there has been any activity resulting in a balance. In addition, all currently enrolled students will receive e-mail notices regarding their account balance at their FVSU Wildcat email address. Students are responsible for verifying their account has been paid in full by the payment deadlines posted on the academic calendar.

Important: Maintain an Accurate Mailing Address

Students are required to maintain an accurate address with the school. Update your address on the Personal Information page in Banner Web, or submit a Change of Address Form, available from the Office of the Registrar.

Failure to receive a student account statement in the mail is not an adequate reason for nonpayment.

Delinquent Accounts

The student receivable process begins when a student registers for courses, since registration initiates charges for tuition and required fees. Fort Valley State University policy provides for the withholding of University services until balances are paid in full.  This restriction of services will prevent the student from viewing grades, having access to transcripts, registering for additional classes, or graduating until the receivable is paid.

If a student account is sent to a collection agency, additional fees will be added to the balance due. These fees may add up to 15% of the original balance due. In addition, the collection agency may report the delinquency to a credit bureau.

Accounts Receivable Hold

An Accounts Receivable (AR) hold is placed on accounts with a balance that is past due.  The balance can originate from tuition, fees, room and meals, fines, financial aid reductions, course load adjustments or other financial activity on your account.  An AR hold prevents registration, viewing grades, receiving transcripts, and access to academic records and University services.