FVSU Emergency Management: Bomb or Suspicious Package



Notify the FVSU Police @ 478-825-6211 or Dial 911 immediately.

Together we can help keep our communities safe—if you see something that is suspicious, out of place, or doesn’t look right, say something. A suspicious item is any item (e.g., bag, package, vehicle, etc.) that is reasonably believed to contain explosives, an improvised explosive device (IED).  Examples that could indicate a bomb include unexplainable wires or electronics, other visible bomb-like components, and unusual sounds, vapors, mists, or odors. Generally speaking, anything that is Hidden, Obviously suspicious, and not Typical (HOT) should be deemed suspicious. In addition, potential indicators for a bomb are threats, placement, and proximity of the item to people and valuable assets.

Should you see a suspicious item as mentioned above, follow these procedures:

  • Remain calm.
  • Do NOT touch, tamper with, or move the package, bag, or item.
  • Notify authorities immediately:
    • Notify you’re a building manager, residence assistant, facility supervisor, immediately.
    • Contact Campus Police 478-825-6211 or Dial 9-1-1 or your local law enforcement if no facility supervisor is available.
    • Explain why it appears suspicious.
  • Follow instructions. Facility supervisors and/or law enforcement will assess the situation and provide guidance regarding shelter-in-place or evacuation.
  • If no guidance is provided and you feel you are in immediate danger, calmly evacuate the area. Distance and protective cover are the best ways to reduce injury from a bomb.
  • Be aware. There could be other threats or suspicious items.