December 2019

  • College of Agriculture News

    A new way to shake up harmful bacteria

    Fort Valley State University researcher Dr. Ajit Mahapatra uses a sonicator to destroy bacteria in goat meat

    Food industries have widely used conventional chlorine wash to kill bacteria on meat surfaces. However, the adverse effect of this method on the …

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November 2019

October 2019

  • Research and Innovation

    Researchers target a destructive insect

    Drs. George Mbata and Somashekhar Punnuri are on a mission to help Georgia farmers save their crop yield from whiteflies

    Tiny sap-sucking insects are overtaking Georgia’s crops and leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

    To combat this outbreak, Dr. …

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  • College of Agriculture News

    Master of Public Health professor uses certification to introduce two courses

    Dr. Oreta Samples earns certificate in Emerging Infectious Diseases

    A professor’s latest credential is allowing Fort Valley State University students to gain new insights about diseases that threaten veterinary medicine and public health.

    Dr. Oreta Samples, assistant professor and program

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