Animal Science Graduate Program

Master of Science

FVSU’s master of science in animal science degree program provides the opportunity for advanced study of livestock and other animal species as it relates to their biological systems, behavior, health, reproduction, growth, and management of their living environments. Students have three options for specialization: animal products technology, animal nutrition and forages, and animal reproductive physiology and cell biology.

The primary objectives of the M.S. degree program in animal science are: to increase the number of students currently underrepresented in graduate education in the area of animal science, prepare students for study toward a terminal degree, enhance the scientific and technical knowledge base of students, to prepare students for leadership roles in a technologically advanced society through study of important and modern aspects of animal science, such as animal biotechnology, cell biology, nutrition, and product technology, with an emphasis on small ruminants.

FVSU’s Master of Science Degree Concentration in Animal Science Program is administered through the Graduate Studies Department and the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences, and Technology.