RCR – Part 6

Research Misconduct and Reporting

Research is built on a foundation of truth, which allows society to place a high level of confidence in the outcomes reported from that research. The trust between science and society will endure only if the …

RCR – Part 4

Guidelines on Authorship

  1. Authorship:

    1. A person claiming authorship of a scholarly publication must have met all of the following criteria:
      • Substantial participation in conception and design of the study, or in analysis and interpretation of data;
      • Substantial participation in the

RCR – Part 3

Publication, Data, Intellectual Property, Avoidance of Undue Influence

Publication in peer-reviewed journals is at the heart of the academic research enterprise. Considerations around the sharing of information, and the ability to replicate research results, are discussed in the excerpt from …

RCR – Part 2

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest can be defined as situations in which a divergence between personal and professional interests might be perceived, such as an individual’s professional actions being influenced by considerations of personal gain. Conflicts of interest can …

RCR – Part 1

Health, Safety and the Environment

The investigator is in a critical position to understand the operation and equipment involved, the material and methods used, and therefore, the potential risks associated with the work being done on a project.  The investigator’s …