Faculty Activity Distribution & Teaching CIP

This website is ONLY meant to facilitate data gathering for validation. All validated data will be centrally housed in
MFE ADP for IPEDS Reporting.


The purpose of this WebForm is to validate from the respective college administration on updates to each faculty’s Activity Distribution & Teaching CIP. The data is critical for the annual IPEDS Data Collection & Validation process.

Activity Distribution
The standard formula for faculty distribution is 70% instruction, 20% research, and 10% service. The distribution for Instruction, Research, Service and Admin should aggregate to 100%.

Teaching CIP
Some faculties may be missing their Teaching CIP on the validation list. This needs to be updated via validation from each college administration as it is a critical field for MFE IPEDS Collection in ADP. On this WebForm you will find a drop-down list to select the respective Teaching CIP.