Faculty and Staff Wireless Access (Office of Information Technology)

Faculty and Staff Wireless Access

The FVSU wireless network is available to all students, faculty and staff as well as registered guests.  The campus wireless network covers the interior of all university owned buildings as well as all of the housing residential suites. Outdoor wireless coverage is very limited. We have long term plans to enhance and augment outdoor coverage around campus. We are constantly increasing the amount of outdoor wireless coverage and enhancing the coverage on the interiors of the buildings.

Here’s how faculty and staff can access the FVSU Wireless Network:

Faculty and staff will connect to the Wildcat wireless network using their @fvsu.edu address and password to authenticate.

The Wildcat wireless network provides an extra layer of security and access to authorized FVSU users.  The secure wireless network requires users to login using their FVSU credentials to gain access to the Internet or University resources.  Staff and Faculty may connect their personal devices to the Wildcat wireless network.

Instructions: From your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet

  1. Select the Wildcat network from the list of available wireless networks.
  2. Accept the certificate if presented.
  3. Enter your username  (your @fvsu.edu email address)
  4. Enter your password

Once connected to the FVSU wireless network, you will be able to seamlessly connect in all buildings on campus and in housing.  You will need to enter your password again only if you use a different device or change your password.