Teah Lynette Moore, Ph.D.

  • College: College of Education
  • Department: Counseling Academic Department
  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Associated Majors and Graduate Programs: Mental Health Counseling (Master of Science)
  • mooret1@fvsu.edu


Teah L. Moore is a tenured associate professor in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She joined the program in 2016 after serving seven years in the School Counselor Education Program. While in the School Counselor Education program, she served in leadership from 2012 to 2015. During this time she also was the coordinator of student clinical experiences. Dr. Moore’s contribution to the program included erasing program accreditation deficits, maintaining the program accreditation under CACREP and NCATE as well as program approval with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. She also served as a member of several CACREP accreditation teams which visited various schools including several HBCU’s.

Dr. Moore has mentored numerous student research projects, conducted peer-reviewed presentations with program students, and supported student professional development. She works with local practitioners to bring workshops sessions to campus and recently hosted a Behavioral Health Fair in April 2017. She has written and received grants which funded student development, employment, and the development of a student counselor training clinic. As a member of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, she is actively assisting the program towards accreditation with the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs. Dr. Moore provides mentoring to program students and recently began a student writing circle for research and publication.  Dr. Moore is a nationally published professor and has conducted individual research.

Dr. Teah Moore is a licensed professional counselor, a certified professional counselor supervisor, and a national certified counselor. She received her doctorate degree from the Internationally recognized doctoral program o Idaho State University. This program is a three time recipient of the Robert S Frank award for Outstanding Doctoral Program in Counselor Education. She has a Master’s in Counseling from Bradley University located in Peoria, IL and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Administration of Criminal Justice is from Anderson University located in Anderson, IN. Both of her counseling degrees are from CACREP accredited programs. In early 2010 Dr. Moore received the Outstanding Alumni Award in Scholarship from Bradley University and in late 2010 she was nominated and awarded the Outstanding Alumni Award from the Decatur Public School District, Decatur, IL.

To maintain her clinical skills and provide students real life experiences and current information, Dr. Moore maintains a private practice in Perry, Georgia. She provides therapeutic services to clientele of all ages that includes psychological evaluation, diagnosing, cognitive behavioral applications, couples, and individual counseling. In addition, she provides supervision for counselors in training in accordance to the Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists.  She holds membership in the national award winning Georgia Licensed Professional Counselor Association.



Ph.D., Counselor Education and Counseling, 2006
Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID
Specialty: Group work; Research
Accreditation: CACREP / NCATE

M.A., Counseling, 2003
Bradley University, Peoria, IL
Accreditation: CACREP / NCATE

B. A., Administration of Criminal Justice, Minor: Psychology, 1984
Anderson University, Anderson, IN


Higher Education Teaching- Graduate Level

Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA
School Counselor Education: Master’s and Education Specialist
Tenured-Associate Professor (2014-present)
Assistant Professor (2009-2014)

Administrative and Other Duties:

Departmental Chair- School Counselor Education, EDS and MSED Programs (2012-2013)
Program Coordinator (2013- 2016)
Coordinator, Field and Clinical Experiences (2010-2016)
Advisor, Chi Sigma Iota (2007-2009)

CACREP/ NCATE accredited programs with Georgia Professional Standards Approval. Initial CACREP approval was received under previous departmental chair in 2012 with deficiencies.  Under my leadership all deficiencies were removed and the program received full accreditation years as of 2016. I maintained all necessary departmental data and completed required reports for the Council of the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs, National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (Now Council of Accreditation of Educator Preparation), Georgia Professional Standards Commission, and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Each semester I developed the course schedule, completed admissions of students, conducted surveys, and oversaw board meetings.

As coordinator of Clinical and Field Experiences, I developed clinical sites, trained community supervisors, and oversaw the placement of students in suitable practicum and internships.

In addition, I taught nine (full teaching load) credit hours a semester, sometimes 12 as needed.

Transferred to the Clinical Mental Health program to assist in the pursuit of accreditation under CACREP in June 2016

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to School Counseling
  • Comprehensive School Counseling
  • Supervised Experiences in School Practicum
  • Lifestyle Development and Career Counseling
  • Field Experiences in School Counseling Internship I and II
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Evaluation and Testing
  • Applied Research Practicum
  • Counseling Diverse Populations
  • Advanced Career Counseling (Ed.S.)
  • Counseling Children
  • Introduction to Using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences  (Ed.S.)
  • Advanced Multicultural Counseling (Ed.S.)
  • Alternatives Therapies
  • Alternatives Approaches to Counseling (Special Topics)
  • Advanced Seminar in Student Issues (Ed.S.)
  • Becoming a Master Student
  • Fundamentals of Research Design
  • Counseling Theories and Process
  • Practicum Experiences in Supervision
  • Group Counseling and Process
  • Case Management in Mental Health
  • Clinical Mental Health Internship I/ II
  • Social and Cultural Diversity
  • Diagnosing, Assessment, Testing, and Evaluation

East Tennessee State University Johnson City, TN
Counselor Education- Master’s  Marriage and Family Therapist, School Counselor, Mental Health Counselors, Student Affairs and College Counseling
Assistant Professor
2006- 2009

Administrative and Other Duties:

  • Program Coordinator, School Counselor
  • Advisor, Chi Sigma Iota

Courses Taught:

  • Group Process and Theory
  • Career Counseling
  • Practicum in Schools
  • School Internship I and II

Idaho State University Pocatello, ID      
Counselor Education- Master’s Marriage and Family Therapist, School Counselor, Student Affairs and College Counseling, Mental Health
Graduate Assistant
2003- 2006

Courses Taught and Co-Taught:

  • Applied Research and Statistics
  • Psychodiagnosis and Pharmacology
  • Spirituality in Counseling
  • Group Counseling Techniques
  • Pre-Practicum in Counseling
  • Introduction to Counseling
  • Counseling Theories
  • Evaluation and Testing
  • Special Issues in School Counseling
  • Professional Orientation, Ethics, and Legal Issues
  • Advanced Theories of Counseling
  • Secondary School Counseling
  • Family Assessment in School Counseling
  • Group Counseling Processes


Licensed Professional Counselor
Perry, GA, 2011-present

I provide behavioral and mental health services to children, adolescents, teenagers, and adults. My work includes families, adjudicated youth, and military (separated).  Services provided include psychological evaluations, diagnostic assessments, treatment planning, suicide assessments, career counseling, substance abuse evaluation and treatment, suicide, grief work, anxiety, work adjustment, child behavioral issues, diagnosing, cognitive behavioral applications, psychotherapy, and non-talk therapies.

Clinical Supervision
Pocatello, ID; Johnson City, TN; Perry, GA, 2003-present

I provide clinical supervision for persons seeking to become licensed professional counselors. All supervision sessions are documented to support state requirements.  I utilize a supervision model which is antithetical and integrate HIPAA compliant technologies, as well as exploration into supervisee identified needs. Supervisees receive training on various modalities, theories, client diagnosis, and industry trends.

Private Practice
Johnson City, TN, 2006- 2009

Primary focus are clients referred by juvenile court, family court, and child welfare systems. I co-counseled with students (counselors- in training). We conducted assessments, intake interviews, and provided on-going sessions. Presenting issues included martial challenges and disputes, child endangerment, parent-child relationships, family communication issues, acute depressive disorders, substance abuse, and separation/ abandonment anxieties.

Family Care Center
Pocatello, ID, 2004- 2006

I provided clinical counseling services to families, adults, and children. Clientele presented with a variety of diagnosis and conditions, autism/Asperger’s, behavioral disorders, adjustment issues, parent-child relationships issues, and personality disorders. I maintained session notes, tracked progress, and provided required documentation and billing.


  • Licensed Professional Counselor (Georgia), LPC 0006549 (2011-present)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (Idaho) (2004-2009)
  • National Certified Counselor  (NBCC) (2003- present)
  • Certified School Counselor (Georgia) renewal pending (2011-present)


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Association of Georgia (2014- present)
  • Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (2006-2010)
  • American School Counselor Association (2003- 2009)
  • Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (2003- 2010)
  • American Counselor Association (2002- 2009)
  • Chi Sigma Iota (2000- 2011)
  • American Multicultural Counseling and Development (2005; 2007- 2009)
  • Association for Specialist in Group Work (2005- 2009)
  • American Educational Research Association (2005; 2008-2009)


Tennessee Counselor Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (2006-2009), President (2008-2009)

Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (2004- 2012)

  • Graduate Student Representative (2004-2006)
  • Advocacy Interest Network (Chair 2006- 2011)

Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, Multicultural Advocacy Interest Network Member (2010- 2011)


  • Internal Review Board (Human Subjects) (2011- present)
  • Graduate Faculty Council  (2009- present)
  • Professional Education Faculty Committee (2009- present)
  • Education and Professional Education Committee (2010- present)
  • Technology and Space Allocation Committee (2010- present)
  • Field and Clinical Experience Committee (2009- present)
  • National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI Bucs) ETSU, Co-Advisor (2007- 2009)
  • Chi Sigma Iota Professional Honor Society – Eta Tau Sigma chapter ETSU– Advisor (2006- 2009)
  • Black Faculty and Staff Association, ETSU- Secretary (2006- 2008)
  • Graduate Faculty Member- Serve on thesis committees


  • Bradley University – Peoria, IL   Outstanding Alumni Award for Scholarship (2010)
  • Decatur Public Schools- Decatur, IL Outstanding Alumni Award (2010)
  • Who’s Who Among Women in America -25th Edition (2005)
  • Graduate Assistantship, Idaho State University (2003-2005)
  • Selected student Cross-disciplinary Studies Panel Presentation
  • Chi Sigma Iota Honor Academic and Professional Counseling Honor Society International (2000- present)


  • tober 2016: SAMHSA- Sub award grant- Morehouse School of Medicine $7500.00 (received)

Education and Prevention of underage drinking on college campuses and suicide prevention

  • October 2013: Capacity Building grant -Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (gov) 1.3 mil grant application. Unfunded: grant score (76)
  • October 2013: Title III – Sub grant-: Purpose of the grant was to assist non-tenured tenure track faculty to conduct research and develop scholarship through publications $20,000 yrly. (received)
  • October 2012 Valley Behavioral Health- Partnership for HIV grant and capacity building grant-
    • Sub award through Morehouse Medical School- $10,000 (received)
  • October 2011: Access to Behavioral Health- Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Agency.gov
    • $10,000 Sub grant – Morehouse College 2010-2011 (received)
    • Assistance provided to create a behavioral health training clinic for graduate students enrolled in counseling programs at Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA.


College of Technology, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID
Assistant Retention Coordinator, 2003-2005
Student Support Services

Primary responsibilities included provision of workshops and classroom presentations to students and community members.  Student workshop focuses on academic skill developing, ie reading, writing, study skills, test taking skills, and note taking. Community workshops presented focused on the needs of business owners, farmers, and local growers. These workshops were those identified by the community as necessary, included stress management, self-management, anger management, and leadership. During harvesting times stress levels increased related to migrant worker accidents and intentional maiming events. In addition to workshops, I oversaw the mentoring program which paired advanced second year students to incoming students and students who could benefit from peer support and guidance.

Multicultural Student Services, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
Graduate Assistant 2002-2003

I provided student support services to International and Minority Students.  I assisted in setting up the new Student Exchange and Visitor Information System (SEVIS). I planned various multicultural events included a yearly Multicultural Festival that involved both national and international students.  I provided counseling services to bachelor level minority students.

 Peoria School District 150, Peoria, IL
Substitute Teacher, 2003

I obtained a provisional teaching certificate. As a substitute teacher I worked at the elementary and middle school level implementing teacher educational lesson plans.      

East Peoria High School District 309, East Peoria, IL
Student Assistance Program Coordinator (SAP)- School Counseling, 2001- 2002

I identified students needing academic support and personal counseling. I coordinated community counselors, services providers, including grief counselors, and substance abuse counselor.  I assisted in the in-house substance abuse treatment program for students. I was responsible for coordinating classroom speakers for social skills, hygiene, health, and career. I coordinated an anti-chemical program called Operation Snowball a state recognized and funded program in Illinois. Students involved in this student organization also provide leadership to students at  feeder middle schools. I maintained program records, data, and completed all required reports.


  • Federal grant- Safe to Learn Grant- $25,000 submitted-2002 Funding suspended
    • The grant supported schools instilling safety activities, equipment, and personnel to provide safe learning environments.
  • State Grant -Illinois Student Assistance Program Grant- 2001 $2,000 Received
    • This was a travel grant that covered the cost of travel and lodging to support the professional development of student assistant program coordinators.
  • Safe and Drug Free Schools- 2001 $3500 Received
    • This grant supported programming in high schools. I build programming that created anti-chemical activities, built character in high school students, and leadership skills to work with students in the feeder schools, ie Operation Snowball and Operation Snowflakes.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Peoria, Peoria, IL
Child Welfare Training Specialist/ Staff Development – 1996- 2001

My responsibilities included the development and delivery of training specific to human services/ social sciences.  I provided a variety of trainings, such as forensic documentation and testimony, case management and collaboration, building community resources for families, and multicultural issues in family services.   I planned  and implemented mandatory trainings, developed curriculum and manuals for state required policies and procedural changes.  I attended various state and national trainings to remain current on family and child issues/ treatments.

Self-Employed, Peoria, IL
Training Specialist, 1997-2003
Contractual and free training services.

I provided a variety of community trainings to human service agencies, families, churches, and local groups, such as the Urban League and America’s Promise. Trainings included Foster Parent training (Foster Pride/ Adopt Pride), Educational Advocacy training, technical writing skills, American Red Cross- First Aid/ CPR/ Defibrillator, Transracial Adoption training, stress management, self-management, and anger management.  Lastly, I was a invited motivational speaker at adult and youth events.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Peoria, Champaign, IL
Child Welfare Specialist- Intensive Services, 1995-1996

As a certified CWS, I provided family reunification service planning and coordination to families involved with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.  Permanency planning services were to insure that the child(ren) did not remain in foster care but either returned home, adopted, or successor guardianship.  As a CWS, I worked with families impacted by substance abuse, drug exposed babies, sexualized adolescents, sexual predators, drug dealers, children with fetal alcohol syndrome, sexual assault victims and perpetrators, and high risk families. My oversight included collaborating with local agencies, behavioral and mental health providers, educational facilities, group homes, employment agencies, hospitals, and doctors to provide families, children, and adults the services necessary to strengthen the family. I implemented court ordered services and completed searches for missing parents, mainly fathers, which included military personnel.  Direct services I provided included substance abuse screening, mental illness screening,  counseling, independent living skills, soft and hard skills, decision making skills, assessments, and risk management. I also provided therapeutic visitation between parents and children and siblings groups. Lastly, I maintained required and necessary documentation, gathered services reports, and wrote and submitted six month court reports. I developed and evaluated service plans and made recommendations to the court with regards to ongoing goals and possible termination of parental rights when warranted. I provided comprehensive family assessments, and individualized service planning for parents and children.

Hope for the Children, Rantoul, IL
Child Welfare Specialist, 1994-1995       

Hope for the Children was an experimental agency that was a community of foster parents. elderly couples and individuals, and human service workers located on the former Chanute Air Force Base located in Rantoul, Illinois. Foster parents received a monthly stipend and free home within the community.  The elderly persons served as surrogate grandparents.  My primary responsibilities were to complete intakes on children coming to the community, coordinate services for families, locate missing parents, completed comprehensive family assessments, and provide therapeutic visitations to maintain and enhance the child and parent relationship. I pursued permanency on behalf of the children which may include adoption to a family member or unrelated adult or successor guardianship with related or unrelated person.

Children’s Home and Aid Society of Illinois, Champaign, IL
Partners and Foster Care Partners Program Coordinator, 1993-1994

This program was a mentoring program for children residing in foster care and / or receiving services from mental health services.  The program was located on the campus of the University of Illinois (Champaign/ Urbana).  My Primary responsibilities were to complete intake sessions with referrals, recruit, interview, hire, and train volunteers, and maintain required date reports. I provided quarterly electronic and paper reports. In compliance with the United Way requirements, I maintained all volunteer (non-paid employee) files and evaluations.  As many of my volunteers were pre-law and pre-med students, I provided numerous references on their behalf. In addition, a number of local business men and women volunteered with the program.

Child Welfare Specialist, 1989-1993

My primary responsibilities were to provide services to families involved with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. These services were children who resided in a foster home of a related family member. As a CWS, worked with substance affected families, children with fetal alcohol syndrome, cocaine exposed babies, and hiv positive family members.  I collaborated and coordinated services with other human service agencies, doctors, education providers, colleges, literacy programs, housing programs, employment agencies, and substance treatment providers and facilities. I implement court ordered services and provided screenings and assessments to parents and children, conducted searches for putative fathers, maintained case documentation, and gathered agency reports and services in order to write a comprehensive court reports and family and background reports.  I conducted clinical and non-clinical interview sessions in order to assess risk of harm of safety issues or clinical service needs.  Lastly, I developed and implemented family plans that supported the goal of permanency for the child(ren) in care, to include successor guardianship or adoption.

Cunningham Children’s Home, Urbana, Il
Winfred Gerber School- K-12, 1988-1989

This private school is located on the campus of Cunningham Children’s Home. The school accepts youth suspended from public school, those who are emotionally disturbed, students with substance abuse issues, runaways, and those involved with the legal system. My primary responsibilities were to assist the principal, maintain student discipline records, assist treatment team planning, actively implement discipline policies and procedures.  In addition, I assisted in identifying students with positive discipline records, gathered date reports and helped with Principal Awards to outstanding students and honorable mention students.

Independent Living Services Coordinator, 1989-1992

This was a program for transitional youth who were aging out of the foster care system. The youth could select to remain in care and receive independent living services.  The youth referred may have children, mental and behavioral diagnosis, cognitive deficits, learning disabilities, and chemical dependencies.  My primary responsibilities were to complete an independent living assessment which examined what knowledge, skills, and abilities the youth had and post assessment examined what was acquired after services.  I met weekly with the youth and conducted one on one psychoeducational trainings.  When necessary, I also conducted group sessions as well. The psychoeducational trainings included money management, decision making, renting and establishing living arrangements, dating, sexual hygiene, career goals, work ethics, and home management.

Child Welfare Worker, 1986-1989                               

Cunningham Children’s Home is a private residential treatment facility for children, adolescents, and teenagers. Most often the clients are private and public referrals across Illinois. Some of the children have chemical dependencies, past runaway issues, resided on the street, sexual abused, sexualized, and mental health issues. The structure consists of various housing units (cottages) that house up to nine youth by gender. My responsibilities included participation in a team approach to implement individualized treatment plans for each youth. I helped develop and implement behavioral modification plans and incentives. I assisted students plan home visits with their parents and siblings. I served in a parent function that included supporting academic progress of each youth, assist with homework and study skills, provide psychoeducational sessions on social skills, and relationship building skills. We took youth on team building exercises, camping trips, horseback riding, and skiing in order to provide a variety of life experiences.


Research interests:  Workplace bullying in higher education;  Racial mental health; social connectedness and social support, mentoring of women of color in higher education, womanist perspective in counseling.

Moore, T (2015.)  In-progress. The experiences of African-American female faculty at HBCUS

Moore, T (2015). In- progress. Success strategies of HBCUs seeking accreditation with council for the accreditation of counseling and related educational programs.

Moore, T. (2012-2015) Provided oversight, support, and guidance for student research

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Moore, T., Gitonga, S., Heller, R., Deschamps, H. (2005) Counselor identity: the practitioners speak, Quantitative study including piloted survey, Idaho State University






Moore, T. (in progress) Exploration of workplace bullying in higher education and relationship to domestic violence.

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