Fine Arts, Humanities & Mass Communications

The Department of Fine Arts, Humanities and Mass Communications offers courses in communication, music, art and humanities that are included in the University System Core Curriculum options. In addition, the department offers elective courses in speech communication, mass communications, drama, music and art, which are open to all University students. The major goal of the department’s curriculum is to educate and expose university students to the many facets of the arts, humanities and mass communication disciplines and provide the depth and breadth of exposure to culturally diverse styles, periods, techniques, methodologies, and technologies that will allow them to apply their training in future vocational endeavors. Currently there are three majors in the department; Commercial Design, Music and Mass Communications. Each program of study has made tremendous progress academically through technology and laboratory enhancements along with curriculum changes validated by industry and national accrediting standards.

  • Band and Music Scholarships – The University awards scholarships to selected members of the FVSU Marching Band.
  • Art and Music scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded to students of superior ability. These scholarship programs are administered by the Music Directors and the Department Head.
  • Carlos Mookie Gardner Garcia Scholarship; HOPE, and FVSU Foundation
  • The Blue Machine Marching Band
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Concert Choir
  • Male Glee Club
  • Women’s Ensemble
  • Gospel Choir
  • Joseph Adkins Players
  • Special Events
  • J.C. Hill Forensic Debate Team
  • Designers’ Guild
  • Mass Communications Club
  • The Peachite student newspaper