University College

First-Year Assessments

The Center for Retention Services (CRS) conducts as series of assessments with first-year students to assist in the improvement of the services provided, as well as to enhance the overall  teaching and learning for students as they enter and complete their first-year of college. Freshmen complete portfolios, participate in survey research, and conduct personal and self-assessment activities.  Below is a summary of selected instruments:

Academic Advising Survey

As Academic Advising is a major component of the services provided by the CRS, it is important to employ these services to students in an intentional and efficient manner. Therefore, the Academic Advising Survey assesses the efficiency of this tremendously impactful academic support service.

Freshman Persistence Survey

This survey is conducted in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Research to monitor and track the progress of freshmen students.

Center for Retention Services Evaluation

The Center for Retention Services Evaluation is a student service survey that focuses on the core components that support the academic mission of the CRS.

College Student Inventory

The College Student Inventory identifies the leading non cognitive indicators of students’ success by accomplishing the following:

  • Identifying which students are at risk and receptive to assistance.
  • Intervening with students earlier, when the chance for success is greater.
  • Making retention strategies more effective and efficient by basing them on reliable student data.

For more information related to assessments related to the CRS, please contact Dr. Stevie L. Lawrence II, Executive Director (478) 822-1018 (office) or (email).