FVSU Safe Tips July 27-31

Guarding against Robbery and Assault
Tip 1: If using an ATM, try to use machines you are familiar with, and try to use terminals located in banks rather than independent terminals.
Tip 2: When using an ATM, be aware of your surroundings. Look around before conducting a transaction. If you see anyone or anything suspicious, cancel your transaction and go to another ATM.

Off-Campus Safety Tips
Tip 1: In your apartment, keep such valuables as currency, wallets, jewelry, and purses out of plain view. Do not leave valuables unattended in common areas such as laundry rooms and lounges.
Tip 2: Engrave property such as computers, stereos, other electronics, etc. with your driver’s license number and state. This will aid in the recovery of your property if it is stolen.

Remember the basic rule of prevention is to be sensible and stay alert. For additional tips on safety, visit www.fvsu.edu/safe.