FVSU SAFE Tips June 22- 26

Fort Valley State University has launched the Safety Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) campaign. Several times a week, our campus will provide you with personal safety tips that will help you protect yourself and remain safe on or off campus. If you have a crime to report, contact Campus Safety at (478) 825-6211, or if it is an emergency, call the Fort Valley City Police at 911.
Guarding against Robbery and Assault
Tip 1: Avoid carrying large sums of cash, or displaying expensive jewelry in public.

Tip 2: Wherever you are—on the street, in an office building or shopping mall, driving, waiting for a bus or subway—stay alert and tuned in to your surroundings.  Off Campus Safety Tips
Tip 1: Be aware of deserted laundry rooms, common lounges, basements, parking garages, and elevators, especially late at night. Consider using or entering these areas when others are around.

Tip 2: Try not to enter elevators with a stranger. Stand next to the control panel. If confronted by an assailant, push the emergency alarm and as many floor buttons as possible (do not push the stop button).

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