FVSU to host Handle Your Business Event

November 13, 2015 – Fort Valley State University’s Center for Retention Services will host an event designed to help students complete the registration process at its upcoming Handle Your Business Conference. The event will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 18, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Student Amenities Banquet Hall on the second floor.

Dr. Stevie Lawrence II, executive director of FVSU’s Center for Retention Services, said the registration event will help students to avoid late registration issues after winter break.

“The Handle Your Business Fair” has been created in an effort to bolster early academic advisement and registration for undergraduate students,” Lawrence said. ‘”Often times, students wait until they return after Winter Break to register for their spring classes, but the Handle Your Business Fair’s objective is to end this pattern.”

Lawrence believes the fair will help retain student numbers on campus.

“It is an effective retention tool,” he said. “Securing an academic schedule from students before they leave the university for a break, serves as a contract of sorts between students and the university; stating that they will return. According to our research, there are over 400 students that have not registered for spring 2016 classes to date, and the Center for Retention Services is committed to ensuring that they are registered before they leave in December. We are placing a special emphasis on Freshmen and Sophomore students, but we are collaborating with the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Education, and Agriculture, Family Sciences, and Technology to reach out to upperclassmen to encourage early registration as well.”
To support the effort, the event will be supported by a series of student-featured emails, phone calls and text messages to students, faculty and staffers highlighting the ongoing early registration push.
During the event, university students will design their course schedules. They can speak one-on-one with academic advisers, and ask them questions about academic courses. Advisers will also work students to design an appropriate course schedule for the upcoming semester. Other advisers will ensure that coursework that students select matches their degree plans and graduation requirements.
For details, contact Lawrence at (478) 825-1018.