Degree Programs

Fort Valley State University is organized into four colleges: the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences & Technology, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education, and the College of Graduate Studies and Extended Education. Academic departments within these colleges offer major degree programs of study leading to the award of the Associate, Baccalaureate, Master’s and Education Specialist Degrees.

Concentrations in Graduate Studies (must be a graduate student to enroll)

Graduate Concentration in Food Hygiene (16 Credits)

(The Animal Science faculty approved the Graduate Concentration in Food Hygiene” as a combined program with MPH.) The following are the courses:

ANSC 5103 Biometrics or HLTH 5153 Biostatistics 3 Credits

ANSC 5113 Physiological Chemistry 3 Credits

ANSC 6413 Food Microbiology 3 Credits

ENVH 5193 Environmental Health Hazard Management 3 Credits

ANSC 6423 Food Quality Assurance 3 Credits

ANSC 5850 or HLTH 5850 Food Science Industry Internship 1 Credits

Graduate concentration in Biotechnology (18 hours)

(The Biotechnology faculty approved the Biotechnology concentration program.

Candidates will be required to enroll in and complete 18 credit hours of course work with no need for Thesis Research and/or Internship Experience. No applicant without the knowledge and/or work experience in biology, genetics, and chemistry will be accepted in this certification program. Students will have to enroll in these courses when offered to the Biotechnology Degree graduate students since none of these courses will be offered independently. Individual capability of each student will determine the time taken/needed in order to complete the established requirements for the concentration.)

COURSES: (Select 18 Credit Hrs. from following list)

BIOT 5253 Molecular Biotechniques 3 hrs.

BIOT 5373 Plant Tissue and Cell Culture 3 hrs.

BIOT 5923 Food Safety Biotechnology 3 hrs.

BIOT 5973 Industrial Biotechnology 3 hrs.

BIOT 6193 Commercial Biotechnology 3 hrs.

BIOT 6393 Microbial Biotechnology 3 hrs.

BIOT 6663 Bioprocess Technology 3 hrs.

BIOT 6753 Bioethics and Regulatory Issues 3 hrs.

(The MPH Program faculty has already approved the following Graduate concentrations.) 88

Graduate Concentration in Core Public Health Competencies (18 hours)


HLTH 5103 Environmental Health 3 hrs.

HLTH 5123 Epidemiology 3 hrs.

HLTH 5153 Biostatistics 3 hrs.

HLTH 5173 Public Health Policy and Administration 3 hrs.

HLTH 5200 Health Behavior/Health Promotion 3 hrs.

HLTH 5100 Introduction to Public Health 3 hrs.

Graduate Concentration in Environmental Health (15 hours)


HLTH 5103 Environmental Health 3 hrs.

ENVH 5113 Environmental Pollution 3 hrs.

ENVH 5183 Environmental Law 3 hrs.

ENVH 5193 Environmental Health Hazard Management 3 hrs.

ENVH 5253 Industrial Hygiene 3 hrs.

Graduate Concentration in Rehabilitation Counseling & Case Management (18 hours)


RCCM 5403 Intro. to Rehabilitation Counseling 3 hrs.

RCCM 5413 Intro. to Case Management 3 hrs.

RCCM 5423 Medical Case Management 3 hrs.

RCCM5463 Vocational Rehabilitation 3 hrs.

COUN 5623 Counseling theories and Practice 3 hrs.

RCCM 5452 Rehabilitation Assessment 3 hrs.

 Major Degree Programs in Graduate Studies (programs of study are elaborated below)

Fort Valley State University is authorized by the Board of Regents to award the following graduate programs:

Master of Public Health with a Concentration in Environmental Health

Master of Science with Majors in:
Animal Science
Mental Health Counseling
Rehabilitation Counseling and Case Management


Master of Science in Education with Majors in:
Early Childhood/Special Education
Middle Grades Education
School Counselor Education  


Education Specialist in:
School Counselor Education