Quality Enhancement Plan

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Dr. Ian Toppin
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Clerical Assistant
Ms. Jada Harris
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Implementation Plan

☑ A set of reasoning strategies have been identified which define what we mean by “critical thinking” and how we know when it has occurred.

☑ Manuals were created to provide faculty with guidance on how to implement critical thinking using the following reasoning approaches: Analytical/ analogical, deductive/ inductive, abductive, adaptive, interpretive, comparative, criteria, etc.

☑ Faculty who teach core (English and Math) courses where critical thinking strategies are being implemented are involved in course redesign activities during summers and training on an ongoing basis using the respective critical thinking manuals.

☑ A critical thinking pre/post-test is administered in each of the critical thinking intensive courses each semester. Data from these tests are analyzed, reported, and kept by the QEP director.

☑ All students are required to take the College Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) exam by the time they earn 45 credit hours. The critical thinking section of this exam is used to assess student progress as compared to their peers. Students are expected to score in the top 56th percentile to satisfy their critical thinking requirement.

☑ Students whose critical thinking CAAP scores are not in the top 56th percentile may retake the exam at their own expense, or may meet the requirement if they score 70% or better on course imbedded posttests.

☑ On a broader scale, critical thinking is promoted through inquiry-based learning (research). As such, the QEP office sponsors “Research Day” each spring in order to showcase application of students’ critical thinking through posters and oral presentations.

Sponsored Events

☑ Research Day – Promotes critical thinking through inquiry-based learning. Students showcase their research and oral presentation skills. (Held each Spring)

Research Day

Promotes Student Research and Oral Presentations at FVSU (Spring Semester)

☑ Critical Thinking Day – Students are recognized for outstanding critical thinking on class assignments or exemplary performance on the critical thinking section of the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) Exam.

Critical Thinking Day

Spring Semester