Spring Break-Faculty & Students (No Classes)

In observance of Spring Break (March 10-14), University Housing will officially close at noon, Saturday, March 8, 2014. All residents must vacate University Housing for Spring Break. All front doors located in the Commons and Traditional housing will be decoded for security purposes. University Housing will reopen at 8 a.m., Sunday, March 16, 2014.

Students involved in student teaching, departmental approved practicums, internships, and co-op programs must submit a request to remain on campus during the break. Your advisor or department head must email your request to Shawn Modena, director of residential life, by March 6, 2014.

It is strongly advised that all students arrange travel plans now and modify off campus work schedules to comply with University Housing. Jobs (on/off campus) are not permissible excuses for remaining on campus during Spring Break.

What should you do before leaving the Residence Hall?
• Ensure all electrical appliances are unplugged and turn your room heating/air unit off.
• Protect or remove valuable items. (Computers, Video Games, CDs, etc…)
• Discard all food scraps, etc., in an attempt to avoid bugs!
• Close and lock all windows (top and bottom), close all blinds, turn off your lights, and lock all doors.
• Return university property to its respective place: Library, etc.
• Place all rubbish in trash containers located outside your residence hall/apartment (Do not leave trash on the ground outside the dumpster).
• All residents are expected to leave their rooms clean and in order, otherwise fines will be issued.

Residential halls will officially close at 6 p.m. on May 3 for graduating students, and May 13 for the spring 2014 semester.

We hope you a Safe and Enjoyable Spring Break!!

For additional details or questions, please contact the Office of Residential Life, (478) 825-6100.

Fort Valley State University