The Transition Plan

Dr. Paul Jones’ Transition Plan was prepared by a campus-based Presidential Priority Planning Committee.

The Presidential Priority Planning Committee was tasked with developing a priority listing of persons and groups with whom the President should engage within his first 100 days in office.  After meeting and discussing, the committee developed a guide as a means to accomplish this objective. 

Dr. Jones thanks all who have provided well wishes and cooperation in these early days. He also especially thanked the Presidential Priority Task Force, chaired by Charles Jones, for providing the necessary guidance to assist in structuring his early days, adding “Your work and commitment have allowed me to get up to speed faster than anticipated and for that I’m greatly appreciative.”

Committee Members

Jessica Bailey, Ex Officio and former Interim President

Pamela Berry-Johnson, director of Marketing and Communications

Ed Boston, Director of Alumni Services and 

Melody Carter, Chair, vice president of External Affairs and Executive Director of the FVSU Foundation, Inc.

Angela Harris, vice president of Enrollment Management and Student Success

Alecia Johnson, executive administrative assistant for the President’s Office

Kristie Kenney, director of the FVSU Foundation Inc.