About Fort Valley State University

Budget glideA Living Legacy

Founded more than 100 years ago, Fort Valley State University embraces a history that weaves together African-American culture, a commitment to personal and intellectual growth and a deep sense of community. What students of every era have found here is unequaled leadership across a wide scope of programs. Our status as an 1895 state land-grant university has led to remarkable innovations in agriculture and related fields. FVSU’s acclaimed biology and chemistry departments send more students of African descent to medical and dental programs than any other Georgia state school. And our comprehensive liberal arts curriculum continues to set new standards of excellence. Keeping up with technological advances, we offer top-notch online programs and the opportunity to keep abreast of FVSU’s goings-on through Facebook and Twitter. We have an excellent relationship with the city of Fort Valley and surrounding areas. Our communiversity efforts bridge the gap between town and gown. The university regularly brings the local community onto campus for special events that showcase our students’ achievements.

A Proud Tradition

With an enrollment beyond 3,000, our school is the perfect size for building lifelong ties that go beyond race and background; ties that are based on a shared love of learning and a thirst for personal growth. We’re family here. Everyone belongs. Our more than 70 student organizations and activities range from a thriving sorority and fraternity system, to conference-leading athletic teams, honor societies and student government. FVSU’s stately campus is the ideal environment for one-on-one learning, but we also encourage connections to the world around us, both near and far, through close relationship with local communities and our study abroad programs that trace ancestral bonds halfway around the globe. FVSU is growing and building: we offer apartment-style residence halls, a spacious stadium, and a new learning facility for our science programs. Check the Web site regularly for updates on these projects.

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