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  • Information printed on business cards and stationery should fit the template design. All the information should fit on the right side of the card.
  • The format of each card is consistent and may not be changed, including the size and color of the logo, paper color, paper stock, type size, and fonts uti­lized. The template provides space for an individual’s name and title, department, division or college, and unit names, the university address, office phone number, fax number, and email address. Other informa­tion can also be added such as social media handles, cell phone number, office location or Web address, as long as it fits in the space provided.
  • No graphic images other than the university’s principal logo lockup may be displayed on the Fort Valley State business cards. The University Signature Mark is to be used on business cards or stationery rather than the specific companion logos for schools, colleges, departments, units, centers, institutes or facilities in order to maintain the consistency and integrity of the university iden­tity.
  • The business card has two sides.  The second side of the business card must display the university tag line, “Empower the Possible” in the predetermined type size, font, and style.

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