Discover your genius.

Academics are the heart of college life, and learning at FVSU goes beyond the classroom.

Our highly accomplished faculty guide students through coursework, facilitate engagement in professional organizations, connect students with internships and research opportunities, and ensure that students are exposed to the most accomplished professionals working in industry today. Small faculty-student ratios ensure that each student has direct access to instructors when they need help or advice. Instructors know students by name, understand their perspectives, and have a personal interest in student success. Your potential for greatness awaits you through study at FVSU.

Undergraduate Majors

Explore dozens of bachelor’s degree programs that will prepare you for careers you will love.

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Graduate Programs

Pursue master’s degrees that put you on a path to advance in careers of meaning and purpose. 

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Academic Calendar

Keep track of key dates and milestones important to your academic success.

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FVSU’s faculty are experts in their fields, authors on a wide range of topics, sought-after researchers, and thought leaders, but make working with students their top priority.

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Office of Academic Affairs

Meet the provost and key staff, explore our three colleges, and find administrative information.

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Academic Bulletin

Take a deep dive into courses, requirements, and expectations.

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