Residential living is a significant part of the college experience. Living on campus provides you with access to a variety of resources that will enhance your opportunity for academic success while empowering you with independence and responsibility in a supportive environment.

  • Main Office Location: Wildcat Commons Clubhouse
  • Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
  • Mailing Address:
  • Office of Housing & Residential Life
  • Wildcat Commons Clubhouse
  • Fort Valley State University
  • 1005 State University Drive
  • Fort Valley, GA 31030


Recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic is still active, we will continue to educate and remind students, faculty, and staff of the individual responsibility to practice all of the behaviors known to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including encouraging vaccination against the disease. As a community, we all have a collective responsibility for ensuring our members’ safety and wellbeing. A successful opening hinges on having all members of the Wildcat family vaccinated. While we currently cannot require that students and employees get vaccinated, we highly encourage that they do so. We are providing both testing and vaccination on campus”



Fall 2023 Term

  • July 31, 2023- Last day for Housing Cancellations

  • August 3, 2023- Fee payment deadline for Fall 2023 (All Students)

  • August 8, 2023 -University Housing opens for New Students (By Appointed Schedule)
  • August 8, 2023- Meal Plans start at 12:00 (Noon) for lunch
  • August 19, 2023  – August 11, 2023- University Housing opens for Returning Students (By Appointed Schedule)
  • August 14, 2023- Classes start (A & B), and the last day for meal plan changes
  • October 4, 2023- University Housing closes for students enrolled in Session B Only
  • October 6, 2023- University Housing opens for students enrolled in Session C Only
  • November 18, 2023- University Housing closes at 12 pm (Noon)
  • November 20-24, 2023- Fall and Thanksgiving Break (University Closed)
  • November 26, 2023- University Housing reopens at 8 am
  • December 5, 2023- Reading Day
  • December 8, 2023- University Housing closes after the last final exam for Non-Graduation participants (Sessions A & C)
  • December 9, 2023- Meal plans end at Noon
  • December 9, 2023- University Housing closes for Graduation participants at 6 pm

University Housing

Wildcat Commons

Experience the Ultimate Living Experience at FVSU!

On-campus living at Fort Valley University provides the ultimate in convenience to enhance your college experience.

The Wildcat Commons community comes complete with modern clubhouse, which includes a pizza/sandwich/wing takeout parlor and a recreation center.

The Commons come complete with awesome amenities:

  • Furniture Package
  • High Speed and Wireless Internet Access
  • Telephone Line (Student must contact AT&T for service)
  • Computer lab in each Wildcat Commons facility
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Cable TV
  • Individual Leases
  • Recreation/Gaming Center

Ohio Hall (Residential Leadership Community)

  • Furniture Package
  • High Speed and Wireless Internet Access
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Cable TV
  • Media Room
  • 24 Hour Visitation (Ohio Hall Residents Only)

Housing application (StarRez) is officially open for the

Spring 2023 Academic Term. 

FVSU *StarRez* Housing Application Portal

On-Campus Residency Requirements:

  • All full-time students, under the age of 21, who have earned fewer than 60 hours of academic credit must live on-campus and subscribe to an applicable dining requirement.
  • Student must be 21 by the first day of classes.
  • Students enrolled in full-time on-line classes and those who reside at the legal permanent address of their parents/guardians and live within the following counties Peach, Houston, Bibb, Macon, Crawford, or Taylor are exempt from this policy with parental/guardian approval.

*Students may apply for an exemption to this policy provided they meet certain established criteria. All required documentation must be submitted before review of exemption will begin.*

Please click link below to start the housing application process

FVSU *StarRez* Housing Application Portal

Please Note:

You must be fully accepted into the university before applying for housing. Students can reserve their room assignment through the online housing portal (StarRez) after they have registered for classes and submitted the $200.00 non-refundable room reservation. Room and Board charges reflect projected estimated cost. All fees are subject to change per final approval by the Georgia Board of Regents on or before July 1st of each year. Fort Valley State University and the Georgia Board of Regents reserve the right to charge rates listed here-in or to add new fees whenever such increase or additions become necessary. Room and board fees are assessed separately each semester.

Housing for Campus Residents

Freshman/Sophomore Options 

Wildcat Commons Residence Hall Suites (Buildings 4, 6-7 reserved for first-year students; Buildings 3 and 5 reserved for upper-class students)

  • 3-bedroom, 1 bathroom, and kitchenette – $2,555 per semester
  • 4-bedroom, 2 bathroom, and kitchenette – $2,754 per semester
  • 4-bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room, and kitchenette – $2,961 per semester
  • 5-bedroom, 2 bathroom, and kitchenette – $2,652 per semester

Upper-class Options

Wildcat Commons Residence Hall Apartments (Buildings 1-2)

  • 4-bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room, and full kitchen – $3,309 per semester
  • 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room, and full kitchen – $3,775 per semester

Meal Plans for Campus Residents

  • Wildcat Silver Plan – $2,098 per semester
    • 19 meals per week in the main dining center plus $150 in Wildcat Cash
  • Wildcat Gold Plan – $2,150 per semester
    • 19 meals per week in the main dining center plus $200 in Wildcat Cash
  • Wildcat Platinum Plan – $2,192 per semester
    • 19 meals per week in the main dining center plus $200 in Wildcat Cash
  • Wildcat Blue Plan – $1,458 per semester (Wildcat Commons 1-2 Residents)
    • 2 meals per day plus $100 in Wildcat Cash

Commuter Student Options

Commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan; however, options are available if they choose to dine on campus.

  • 25 meals in the main dining center: $190 per semester
  • 50 meals in the main dining center: $340 per semester
  • 75 meals in the main dining center: $455 per semester

Freshmen and sophomores (59 hours or less) who do not have a parental legal address within the following counties Peach, Houston, Bibb, Macon, Crawford, or Taylor, are required to live on campus.

Students can apply for housing once fully admitted to FVSU. Please check the website, Wildcat email, and residence hall memos for dates on early housing renewal and deadlines.

Students applying for housing will pay online with a credit/debit card while completing the application.

You will receive notifications from the StarRez system when the application is complete and the fee has been received.

Students choose their housing assignment as part of the application process.

Students should coordinate applying for housing at the same time as their roommate choice, so that the same room can be chosen.

After the first day of classes, students must see the Assistant Director of Occupancy Management and their RLC to change room assignments. There is a fee to change room assignments.

Once you apply for housing and pay your non-refundable housing application fee, you’re automatically on the waiting list for Wildcat Commons. When you get to the last step of the application, the “Confirmation Page”, your application provides a date and time stamp that tells us your position on the waiting list.

Unfortunately, FVSU does not provide housing for family or off-campus housing.

Students with medical conditions must state it on the housing application, attach documentation, and contact the Center for Retention Services. All requests documenting a specific need related to the Americans with Disabilities Act will be reviewed by the Director of Access and Accommodations. The office number is (478) 822-1072.

The Residence Halls are closed doing holidays and breaks such as (Fall/Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break).

Residential Life provides informational pamphlets on Theft, Fire, Natural Disasters & Accidental Damage Insurance to students. Pamphlets are located in Wildcat Commons Clubhouse or visit www.nssi.com.

If you are having trouble with your roommate, you will need to speak with your Resident Director to solve the problem.

Please complete the housing cancellation form and return it to the Office of Residential Life to cancel your housing lease agreement. To cancel your housing lease agreement, please complete the housing cancellation form and return it to the Office of Residential Life. Please read your lease agreement for cancellation policy and fees.

If you lose your key, you will need to see Key Personnel in Wildcat Commons Clubhouse as soon as possible to cancel your key and purchase another key. The contact number is (478) 825-6941.

Replacement ID cards are issued in the Cashier’s Office for a fee of $25 dollars.

Students can log into their Banner Web account to change or update personal information or contact the Registrar’s Office at (478) 825-6282.

No pets are allowed in the Residence Halls at any time.

Yes, there are laundry facilities located in each Residence Hall.

Yes, to request maintenance work, students must submit a Work Order Form to the RLC of their building; the custodial staff is responsible for cleaning the Residence Halls but not the student’s room. All students must clean their room.

The University provides health services to students during regular business hours (M-F, 8a-5p). During non-operational hours or official holidays – On campus students: Contact your Resident Assistant or the on-duty Residence Life Staff Member. All other students: Contact Campus Safety at (478) 825-6211 or the Emergency Room at Peach Regional Medical Center at (478) 825-8691. *We recommend that you check with your health insurance provider to ensure that your health insurance is accepted at the medical facility you choose to visit otherwise you may be required to pay up front. If you have questions refer to the Health Services web link or contact Health Services Center at (478) 825-6278.

The Office of Recruitment and Admission offers campus tours on weekdays at 10 am and 2 pm. You can schedule a campus tour through the FVSU website here.

Students requesting postal service will need to visit the Postal Service web page here or contact the FVSU Postal Office (478) 825-6311 in the Lottie B. Lyons Student Center Monday-Friday from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm.

New students are allowed to bring their car; however, parking space on campus is limited, requires a parking permit, and is strictly enforced. For more information about campus parking permits, contact FVSU Campus Safety at (478) 825-6211

FVSU has Wildcat Transportation available to faculty, staff, & students. Four spacious 24-passenger buses will take riders to downtown destinations and Harvey’s Supermarket – at no cost. An employee or student identification card is required. The shuttle service runs every thirty minutes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The buses have several pickup locations:

  • Stadium Parking Lot
  • Wildcat Commons Clubhouse
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Evans Building
  • Lottie Lyons Student Center

For more information about shuttle services, please contact Transportation at (478) 825-6532.

  • Shawn Modena, Director of Housing and Residential Life
  • modenas@fvsu.edu
  • Office: (478) 827-3965
  • Leon Perry, Associate Director of Housing Facilities and Operations
  • perryl@fvsu.edu
  • Office: (478) 827-3963
  • Della Brown, Wildcat Commons 1 Resident Director
  • brownd@fvsu.edu
  • Office: (478) 827-3108
  • Wildcat Commons 2 Resident Director
  • Office: (478) 827-3109
  • Josie Latimore, Wildcat Commons 3 Resident Director
  • latimorej@fvsu.edu
  • Office: (478) 827-3825
  • Michael Matos, Associate Director of Housing and Residential Life / Wildcat Commons 4 Resident Director
  • michael.matos@fvsu.edu
  • Office: (478) 827-3774
  • Wildcat Commons 5 Resident Director / Coordinator for Residence Education 
  • Office: (478) 827-3723
  • Shelby Joiner, Assistant Director of Programming / Wildcat Commons 6 Resident Director
  • shelby.joiner@fvsu.edu
  • Office: (478) 825-5210
  • Wildcat Commons 7 Resident Director
  • Office: (478) 825-1801
  • Malachi Brewer, Ohio Hall Resident Director / Interim Director of Boys to Men Mentoring Program (AAMI) 
  • malachi.brewer@fvsu.edu
  • Office: (478) 825-3353
  • Professional and student staff live in each facility
  • 24-hour desk coverage
  • Card access to all residence halls
  • Video Surveillance (Monitored by Campus Safety)
  • Campus Police & Safety provides 24-hour patrol and dispatcher services with access to other local emergency services. Please call 478-825-6211 for any services provided by Campus Police and Safety

If you are interested in applying or reapplying for Resident Assistant (RA) Position for 2022-2023, please contact Ms. Shelby Joiner (Assistant Director of Programming) at (478) 825-5210.

Please contact us at (478) 827-3966 for assistance with the forms below.