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College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Uppinder Mehan
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Fort Valley State University
1005 State University Dr.
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Phone: (478) 825-6454
Fax: (478) 825-6000

Dean’s Message:

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at Fort Valley State University. Our aim as we go forward is to strengthen the programs we already offer and to develop new programs that reflect changing realities.

Ten departments call the College of Arts and Sciences home, and you will too when you decide to join us. The CAS offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees through the departments of Behavioral Sciences; Biology, Business Administration and Economics; Chemistry; English and Foreign Language; Fine Arts, Humanities and Mass Communications; History, Geography, Political Science and Criminal Justice; Mass Communication, Mathematics and Computer Science; and Military Science. CAS is also home to the Cooperative Developmental Energy Program with its mission of increasing the number of minorities and women working in private and public sectors of the energy industry.

The mission of the CAS is vitally important to the university. The disciplines that our faculty study and teach help students explore the world and examine life. The CAS prepares you for living and for making a living. Come to the College of Arts and Sciences at Fort Valley State University and change your world.

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  • The Behavioral Sciences Department is composed of three programs, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology. The Psychology program provides quality instruction to prepare students to pursue careers in psychology and psychology-related fields. An introductory course is provided across the curriculum to most majors as a core elective for the social sciences. The Social Work curriculum is designed to prepare students for professional careers in social services, including preparation for immediate employment and graduate study. The curriculum utilizes class and field instruction to develop and strengthen the attitudes, values, skills and knowledge essential for helping to alleviate problems that impair the social functioning of individuals, groups and communities. The Sociology program provides curricula that serves as a support to behavioral and social science majors; core courses are provided to most majors that are introductory and focus on man in society and cultural diversity. The sociology major is exposed to curricula that provide a foundation for undergraduates who want to pursue careers in sociological research and teaching sociology in higher education.

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  • The Biology Department will provide students with a fundamental knowledge of Biology. We prepare students for and assist them in entering graduate and professional school, like dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy, and the workforce.

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  • The Department of Business Administration and Economics is the largest academic department of Fort Valley State University. It offers undergraduate degree programs in business that leads to BBA in Accounting, General Business, Management, Marketing, and BA in Economics. Our program is designed to educate and train students to prepare them for the culturally diverse, competitive, and dynamic global business environment. Beyond course contents, emphasis is also placed in the areas of computer skills, conceptual and problem solving skills, written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal, teambuilding and leadership skills.

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  • The department prepares each student for a B.S. degree in chemistry and a career in science. Students are prepared to work effectively as laboratory chemists or in other science related fields. Students are also prepared to pursue graduate studies in science disciplines, chemistry, biological and physical sciences, and in professions requiring a background in chemistry. The mission of the Chemistry Department is to encourage the advancement of chemistry in all branches of science, to promote research in science, to improve the qualifications and usefulness of chemists in the workplace through high educational standards and professional ethics.

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  • The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in English. Student pursuing the B.A. in English may choose the literature track of the professional and technical writing track. Some courses for the professional and technical writing track are available online. Minors in Spanish and English are also available. Degrees from our program prepare students to further their education at the graduate level or enter the workforce.

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  • The Department of Fine Arts, Humanities and Mass Communications offers courses in communication, music, art and humanities that are included in the University System Core Curriculum options. The Commercial Design program provides majors with on-the-job training at design studios, public relations firms, television stations, newspaper and magazine publishers, publishing companies, the film industry, print shops, department stores and governmental agencies. The Mass Communications program prepares students for future graduate degrees and professional careers in communication, law, human relations, journalism, public relations, television and radio. The Music program is designed to educate and to prepare teacher candidates capable of demonstrating success in bringing students from diverse groups to high levels of learning in music.

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  • The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Mathematics. This program provides students the educational background and competencies necessary for effective performance in mathematics-related fields and for entrance into graduate schools.

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  • The Department of History, Geography, Political Science and Criminal Justice currently has over 200 majors pursuing degrees and nine full-time faculty members with various research interests. To date, departmental faculty members have authored nine books, published numerous scholarly articles and book reviews, and contributed to major reference works. They have served as consultants, presented papers at national professional conferences, and served on the editorial boards of academic journals.

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  • Thank you for your interest in Army ROTC. Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC): It's the college elective that can add an important dimension to your education by preparing you to handle the varied demands and heavy competition of life-after graduation. ROTC does this by training you to lead. Enroll in the program as a college freshman, and you will get a good head start on this training, which will benefit you all your life. You can take Army ROTC along with your other courses and attend classes a few hours a week. Through these weekly classes, gain executive skills and leadership abilities that will give you an edge over other graduates.

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1005 State University Drive • Fort Valley, GA 31030 • 478-827-FVSU

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