Campus Safety

Campus Police and Safety Contact Information

478-825-6211 or 478-825-6500;


The mission of the Fort Valley State University Department of Campus Police and Safety is to ensure that the quality of campus life is enhanced by working collectively, cooperatively and effectively with the members of the university and within the framework of the U.S. Constitution. Also, our mission is to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and intimidation. We also strive to provide a safe environment for all affiliates of the university. The Department of Campus Police and Safety will a bide by the rules designed and approved by the Board of Regents, who accredit state schools and universities. We will also adhere to the fundamental principle of a tradition of excellent police service and will remain in a manner that preserves and advance the democratic values of protecting the rights of all members of the university as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
The FVSU Department of Campus Police and Safety is committed to maintaining the highest degree of loyalty, integrity and professionalism in all its operations. We will adhere to impeccable integrity and careful protection of the rights of those we are sworn to serve.


The Fort Valley State University community is guarded 24 hours 7 days a week by both armed certified police officers that en- force laws on University property and areas adjacent to University property within 500 yards. Each certified police officer has attended a law enforcement officer’s training course of a minimum of 640 hours to become certified with powers of arrest to handle the reporting, investigation and assist with the prosecution of any crime. The police officer’s receive a minimum of 20 hours of recertification training each year to maintain their powers of arrest and certification. The Police force is assisted by non-certified security officers that assist the police officers with opening and closing buildings and basic security checks of buildings and facilities. All officers are training in CPR and First Aid bi-annually. In addition to Police and Security Officers, the department has certified communications officers who receive training through the Georgia POST council to handle emergency calls for assistance from students, faculty/staff and visitors who frequent our University. The administrative secretary and records clerk for the department review all Clery related reports and obtain statistical data from the departments incident reporting computer database, case files and daily activity log sheets, along with information from other local law enforcement agencies to include the FVSU Judicial Affairs office. The statistical data found is recorded on an annual basis and logged in the U.S. Department of Education online portal each year as required by federal mandate in addition to being published into a hard copy for dissemination to new/returning students at orientation and faculty/staff during annual faculty-staff institute. The annual crimes reported to FVSU and any other Institution of Higher Education can be found at the online site of


Director: Chief Ken Morgan – 478-825-6280
Police Operations Commander:  Lieutenant W. Gene Bryant – 478-825-6704
Emergency Operations/Training: Lieutenant Sharon Pauls – 478-825-6703
Administrative Assistant: Jeanette Lucas – 478-825-6280
Dispatcher Lead Records/Decal: Bernice Flowers – 478-825-6491
Terminal Agency Coordinator: Bernice Flowers – 478-825-6491


Supervisor Dayshift:  Sgt. Carlos Felton – 478-827-3255
Supervisor Dayshift: Sgt. Charles Pines – 478-825-3256
Supervisor Nightshit: Corp. HaBert Chapple – 478-827-3257
Supervisor Nightshift:  Corp. Jerome Little – 478-825-6766


Sergeant Tatotshia Grier: 478-825-6072


Fort Valley State University and the FVSU Department of Campus Police and Safety strongly encourage the accurate and prompt reporting of criminal activity on campus and off campus from property crimes to any personal or violent crime to include sexual assaults and/or general harassment. The reporting of crimes can be voluntary and/or confidential. It is to be understood that confidential reporting may lead to difficulty in the follow up or validation of a crime. Reporting of Crimes will be denoted in the statistical data portion of the Annual Security Report when and where required. Any crime reported whether reported voluntarily or confidentially and meets the requirements as a reportable crime per Clery rules, will be noted in the Annual Security Report. If the crime occurred of f campus, any of the below listed offices will assist with the proper reporting of the crime to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the crime. Any and everyone are encouraged to report any crimes to the following: