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Campus Life

Become Fort Valley State University. Get Involved
With a campus of nearly 3,568 active students, Fort Valley State University has something for everyone. No matter where you look, you'll find ways to get involved, have fun, make great friends, and challenge yourself. So, what do you want to do?

Residence Life
FVSU students are some of the most fun-loving and spirited students around. In the residence halls, they plan outings to various Wildcat games, enjoy socializing in the Wildcat Quad or Commons

Student Clubs and Organizations
Whatever your interests, we have a club or an organization just for you.

You'll find plenty of ways to develop and flex your leadership at FVSU. The University’s Student Government Association and class officers, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Leadership Development Program, and Student Leaders Organization are just a few. Student clubs are also great places to step up to leadership roles.

Whether you want your recreation structured or unstructured, we have something for you. You can choose from either intramural sports, aquatic programs, fitness programming, and much more.

Go Wildcats! With four men's and three women's varsity teams, you can play or cheer your Wildcats to Victory.

  • Angela Harris, Interim Vice President, Student Success and Enrollment Management
    Office: (478) 825-6291 or 6473

    Quantina Johnson, Administrative Assistant
    Office: (478) 825-6291 or 6473

    Sha-Ron Jones, Director of Admissions & Recruitment
    Office: (478) 825-6672

    Jacqueline Caskey, Director of Counseling Center
    Office: (478) 825-6174

    Wallace Keese, Dean of Students
    Office: (478) 825-6292

    Health Services
    Office: (478) 825-6278 or 6279

    Shirley McClellan, Director of Educational Talent Search
    Office: (478) 825-6932 or 6933

    Director of Upward Bound
    Office: (478) 825-6963

    Shawn Modena, Director of Residential Life
    Office: (478) 825-6100

    Chewan Evans Petway, Judicial Affairs Specialist
    Office: (478) 825-6258

1005 State University Drive • Fort Valley, GA 31030 • 478-827-FVSU

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