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Nelson, Mack

Agricultural Research
124 Stallworth Building
478-825-6827/ 6320

2004-2007 Dean, College of Agriculture, Home Economics and Allied Programs, FVSU.
1995-present Professor of Agricultural Economics, FVSU
1993-1995 Fuller E. Callaway Professor of Agricultural Economics, FVSU.
1985-1995 Coordinator, Agricultural Economics/Rural Development Research, Associate Professor and Professor of Agricultural Economics, FVSU.
1983-1989 Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, FVSU.
1978-1983 Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics, FVSU.
1977-1978 Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas.
1974-1977 One-half time graduate research assistant, University of Illinois, Department of Agricultural. Economics and Institute for Water Resources.
1972-1974 One-half time graduate research assistant, Carver Foundation, Tuskegee Institute.
1970-1972 U.S. Army.
1970-1977 Assistant County Supervisor, USDA – FmHA, Mendenhall Mississippi and military and educational leave.

Faculty Bio

B.S., Agriculture, Alcorn A & M University, Mississippi, Lorman, Mississippi.

M.S, Plant and Soil Sciences (Soil Chemistry), Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama.

Ph.D., Agricultural Economics (Production and Farm Management), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.


Liu, Xuanli, Mack C. Nelson and Mohammed Ibrahim. 2007. “Analyzing Consumer’s Calculation Factors in the Purchase Decision of Goat Meat.” Journal of Food Distribution Research. Vol. XXXVIII(1):196-202.
Knight, Erika, Lisa House, Mack C. Nelson and Robert Degner. 2006. “An Evaluation of Consumer Preferences Regarding Goat Meat in the South.” Journal of Food Distribution Research XXXVII (March): 88-96.
Chen L. and Nelson M.C. (2006) Optimization of the RAPD Marker Techniques in Camellia. American Camellia Yearbook 61. Pp. 18-25.
Nelson, Mack C. Jackie Whitehead, Seyedmedhi Mobini, Nathaniel B. Brown, Jr., and Marc Thomas. 2004. “Segmenting Niche Goat Meat Markets.” Journal of Food Distribution Research .Vol. XXXV (1):146-153

Research Interests: 

The economic and health care cost of meat contamination as it moves from farm to consumers, particularly goat meat.

The economic, health care and social costs of obesity in minority populations, particularly in the South’s Black Belt States.

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