Honors Program

Honors Program

Every student at Fort Valley State University has chosen to be a dreamer and doer by joining in the community of scholars at a quality institution of higher education. But a select few desire a heightened academic experience, one that is exceptionally challenging and stimulating. For those self-motivated and inspired students, Fort Valley State University offers the Honors Program.

Since its inception in 2013, after being spearheaded by Fort Valley State President Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, this program has provided students with the skills necessary to prepare them for research within their chosen fields, whether in the sciences, education, social sciences or humanities.

Under the leadership of Dr. Meigan M. Fields, associate professor of political science, the Honors Program also exposes its cohort of students to exceptional speakers, thought-provoking seminars and myriad opportunities to apply what they are learning.

The Honors Program will be housed in the historic Carnegie Hall following the completion of its refurbishment.

“I would like to think that when I look at a transcript, and its stamped ‘honors,’ then I would think that graduate schools (and even those who are going to go straight into the workforce) will be getting someone who is a cut above the rest, and seriously committed to academic achievement,” she said. In the future, Fields hopes the program will be able to offer scholarships to participants.

For more information about the program, please contact Dr. Meigan M. Fields at (478) 825-6634, (240) 343-5378 or FVSUHonorsProgram@fvsu.edu.