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Mission Statement

The Office of Human Resources serves as a support partner in the teaching, research, and public service missions of the university. The mission of the Department of Human Resources is to provide benefits, services and continuing opportunities for training and development which helps to attract, motivate, and retain a highly talented, committed, diverse work force. Human Resources promote an environment that values and recognizes productivity and achievement, and respects the worth and dignity of all individuals.

The Human Resources director and staff implement recruitment, position classification, wage and salary administration, orientation, and training programs, while maintaining employees’ records and group health and life insurance and performing such other functions as required by the institution

  • Troup Building, Room 202
    Phone: 478-825-6301/6406
    Fax: 478-825-6115
    Office Hours: 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
    (Appointments available after hours.)

    • Tricia Addison - Director
    • LaRue Harden - Employment
    • Verbret Moore - Benefits
    • Lynette Wallace - Human Resources Assistant
  • Fort Valley State University is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. In order to fulfill this commitment and requirement, it is necessary that all applications for employment in the classified services sent directly to the Human Resources Department. All vacant classified and faculty positions will be listed with the Human Resources Director as they occur. No individuals may begin work until official notified by the Human Resources Office.

    Regular Employment

    Personnel employed for a continuous period that is expected to exceed two academic quarters or six calendar months shall be known as "regular" employees.


    Personnel who are not employed as "regular" employees are "temporary" employees. Temporary employees shall be employed for a period no longer than six calendar months; however, such temporary employment may be extended up to an additional six months.

    Once an individual has served as a "temporary" employee for a twelve month period, he/she shall not thereafter be employed as a "temporary" employee until a period of thirty calendar days has elapsed.


    All student assistants shall be and are classified as "temporary", and employment as student assistants shall not be subject to the re-employment restriction outlined above.

    All student employment must be coordinated with FVSU Financial Aide Office and Registrar.

    Students can not work in a student position and staff position at the same time.

    Please Note

    1. All applicants must submit an FVSU application, resume, three (3) professional letters of reference, official transcript(s), and a letter of application, unless otherwise stated:
    2. All applications for employment in the classified services apply directly to the Office of Human Resources.
    3. All vacant non-academic classified positions will be listed with the Human Resource Director as they occur and all individuals employed into these positions will be employed by the Office of Human Resources.
    4. Federal Law requires identification and eligibility verification prior to employment.
    5. FVSU current Employment Opportunities can be viewed at the web site:
    6. All personnel action changes should reach the Office of Human Resources three (3) days prior to the last date to submit changes to the Payroll Office.

    The following are the procedures used for classified employment at Fort Valley State University. Classified employees are defined as all employees except those identified as faculty, administrative officers, or student employees. We hope this is helpful to you in understanding the process. Applicants should apply for specific job vacancies or submit and application and notify the office at a later date of specific vacancies in which they are interested.

  • Schedule a Retirement Planning Session Today

    The Fort Valley State University retirement plan vendors will provide individual financial counseling for those enrolled in the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), 403(b) or 457(b). Whether you are currently enrolled in the plans or seeking additional information for future enrollment, each vendor has provided contact information to schedule an appointment and a link to their company information.

    Lincoln Investment
    Robert Moore
    770-909-0340 or 770-329-6275

    Christine Williams
    800-732-8353 or 770-512-3518

    Dean Yarbrough
    800-732-8353 or 770-512-3527

    Casey Phillips
    478-405-5005 or 478-960-7997

    John Lamberth
    478-405-5005 or 478-319-7832

  • Application

    Applicants must complete an application for non-academic employment which is available in Human Resources. Remember that the application is a part of the employment process and should be completed accurately, neatly, and fully. Candidates for positions requiring typing will be given a typing test.


    Under normal circumstances there may be many applicants for a particular position. Qualified candidates will be pre-screened. Pre-screening is a measure through which four to seven finalists for a position are selected and referred to the department for interviews. Pre-screening involves a review of the employment application and in many instances interviews. Pre-screening interviews are not held for every position.

    Department Interview

    Finalists selected in the personnel interviews are notified by phone of the time, place, and date of their interview with the department. The applicant's information will be forwarded to the hiring department prior to the interview.

    Successful Candidates

    Human Resources will notify a successful candidate of their selection and the date to begin to work. The employee will be notified of a time to come to Human Resources for new employee in-processing. The employee will be asked to fill out federal and state tax withholding forms, a state security questionnaire, and will also be enrolled in the insurance and other employee benefit plans at this time. The new employee will need to present a driver's license and social security card to show identity and eligibility for employment.

    Unsuccessful Candidates

    Application of unsuccessful candidates whether finalist or pre-screened will be kept active for a six (6) month period. Applicants should watch for advertisements or call the Office of Human Resources at (478) 825-6301 for other positions in which they may be interested. If another position is of interest, the applicant should call Human Resources (478) 825-6301 and indicate their interest. The application will be placed in that position pool.

    Unsuccessful candidates should keep in mind that selection is based on the needs of Fort Valley State University and the qualifications of each applicant. In cases where there are many applicants, difficult decisions have to be made in the selection process.

    1. Tuition Remission
      Tuition Remission: Fort Valley State University is committed to helping its full-time employees grow and develop by use of its Tuition Remission Policy. Employees who attend a University System of Georgia Institution can have tuition and fees waived. Applications should be received by the Office of Human Resources 30 days before employee registration period. For further information, contact the Office of Human Resources or the Tuition Remission web site:
    2. Matriculation Policy Classified Personnel
      Employees at Fort Valley State University are limited to a maximum of nine (9) credit hours of matriculation during an academic semester. Approval for such must be given by the employee’s immediate supervisor, Provost for Academic Affairs, and Chief Human Resources Officer. Approval to exceed the maximum of nine (9) credit hours of matriculation during an academic semester may be granted by the Chief Human Resources Officer. The Record of Matriculation form must be completed and submitted at least five (5) days before the beginning of the semester
  • Job Related Injuries: Should you have an accident while on the job, report the accident immediately to your supervisor. If medical treatment is required, treatment should be arranged as appropriate from a physician on the approved panel of physicians. The supervisor is responsible for calling Teleclaim (DOAS) within 24 hours at 1-877-656-RISK (7475) to report all work place injuries. A panel of physicians listing should be located in each work area. If you need a list, please call the Office of Human Resources. As soon as possible after the accident, call the toll-free number above with the following information:

    • Name, Address, Social Security Number, Age & Sex of Injured Employee
    • Name of Employing Agency, Address and Telephone #
    • Date, Time and Description of Accident (How, Where, Why)
    • Part of Body Injured and Type of Injury (cut, scrape, burn, etc.)
    • Hourly/Weekly/Monthly Wage
    • Name and Address of Physician/Hospital
    • Has Employee Returned to Work?

    Only injuries requiring medical care or lost time from work should be reported. Those injuries requiring only first aid or requiring no medical care should be recorded with the Office of Human Resources as an incident only (“incident only” forms can be obtained from The Office of Human Resources).

    Additional Board of Regents policies are available on the Internet at:

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