Master of Arts in History

Dr. Dawn Herd-Clark, Program Coordinator
Phone: (478) 825-6657

About the Program

History is the fountainhead of all subjects in the humanities and social sciences. Our historical legacy defines us both individually and collectively. Studying our country and the world’s past allows us to understand ourselves and our society. FVSU graduate history classes will provide individuals with a strong foundation in scholarship that’s needed to pursue fulfilling careers in the government, civil society, industry, law and law enforcement.


  1. Two copies of official transcripts demonstrating a cumulative undergraduate G.P.A. of at least 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale
  2. Three letters of recommendation
  3. A personal or professional statement
  4. A resume
  5. Writing sample


  1. Submission of a standardized test score (GRE, MAT, or other) is strongly recommended and may be an important consideration.
  2. A personal interview and samples of academic work may be requested, especially if other indicators are weak or a request for an exception is being considered.

In addition, individual programs may provide justification for an exception to the admission requirements on a case-by-case basis. The request for consideration of an exception will be presented to the Graduate Council for approval or rejection.

The Master’s in History requires 36-credit hours and is typically completed in three or four semesters. The program has three tracks: 1) African-American and Diaspora History; 2) Military History; and 3) General History.

The course requirements and options are as follows:

Students will select either the Thesis Option or the Non-Thesis Option and a Track

Thesis Option

  • HIST 5000 Historical Research and Writing, 3 hours
  • History Courses in Track, 18 hours (including at least one seminar)
  • History Courses Outside Track, 9 hours
  • Thesis, 6 hours
  • Total, 36 hours

Non-Thesis Option

  • HIST 5000 Historical Research and Writing, 3 hours
  • History Courses in Track, 21 hours (including at least two seminars)
  • History Courses Outside Track, 12 hours (This may include internship or other practical history project as approved by adviser.)
  • Total, 36 hours


  • African American and Diaspora History
  • Military History
  • General (The General Tract is recommended for teachers in the public schools.) For the Thesis Option, students will be expected to take 6 hours each in U.S., European, and African History with the remaining 9 hours to reflect the student’s interests and provide background for the thesis. In the Non-Thesis Option, students will be expected to take 9 hours each in U.S., European and African History, with the remaining 6 hours to reflect the student’s interests

Students are encouraged to join professional organizations such as the Georgia Association of Historians, Southern Historical Association, and the National Association for the Study of African American Life and Culture. On campus student organizations include:

  • The Phi Nu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta International Honor Society in History
  • The Georgia Omicron Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Science
  • The FVSU History Students Association

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the annual Banks-Pierro-Rutland-Bellamy Social and Behavioral Sciences Colloquium where they can present their research and participate in the activities of a professional scholarly organization.

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