Middle Grades Education

The Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education(BSED) prepares teacher candidates for certification by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Unique to this program is the candidates’ participation in a May Experience at the close of the school year (during their junior year), and an August Experience at the beginning of the school year (senior year)

The BSED in MGE is a field-based program, and candidates complete a practicum experience in each pedagogical block of courses prior to Directed Teaching, the capstone clinical practice experience of 600 clock hours. Before entering Directed Teaching, candidates complete 425 hours in field experience for a total of more than 1025 hours in classrooms before completing the program. We also have a post-baccalaureate certification program in Middle Grades Education. All interested parties should call the College of Education for more information.

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better, with no grade below a “C” on any attempted core hours (in the program)
  • 50 completed semester hours of core courses
  • Passing grades on both sections of the Regents Exams
  • Passing scores on the GACE basic skills exam
  • (1,000 on SAT verbal and math; 43 on ACT English and math)
  • Completion of pre-professional block courses, and the practicum EDU 2110P (50 hours)
  • Acceptable background check
  • Acceptable rating on three dispositions instruments
  • Acceptable interview (including the presentation of the pre-professional block portfolio)
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Proof of membership in a professional organization that provides liability insurance

Language Arts Concentration: (9 hours)

  • ENGL 3343 Contemporary American Literature OR
  • ENGL 2153 The Grammar of Literary Criticism;
  • ENGL 3500 Grammar for Teachers and Writers; and
  • ENGL 4520 Literature for Middle Grades

Mathematics Concentration:

  • MATH 3400 Geometry for K-8 Teachers;
  • MATH 3510 Algebraic Concepts; and
  • MATH 4000 Calculus Concepts OR
  • MATH 3100 Discrete Math and Statistics

Reading Concentration:

  • READ 3623 Differentiated Instruction for Reading and Writing in the Middle Grades;
  • READ 3723 Classroom Literacy Assessment and Instruction; and
  • READ 3924 Teaching Reading to Culturally Diverse and Special Needs Students

Science Concentration:

  • SCIE 3103 Principles of Environmental Science
  • SCIE 3102 Principles of Physical Science; and
  • SCIE 3121 Principles of Geology

Social Sciences Concentration:

  • HIST 3309 Survey of West Africa OR
  • GEOG 4405 Geography of Africa
  • HIST 3311 Georgia in American History
  • GEOG 4407 Geography of Asiav

Pedagogy for Professional Educators:

  • EDMG 3131 Nature and Curriculum Needs of the Middle Grades Learner (60 clock hours)
  • EDMG 3132 Classroom Management Strategies
  • EDMG 3332 Methods of Teaching Language Arts/Reading in the Middle Grades
  • EDMG 3432 Methods of Teaching Social Studies in the Middle Grades
  • EDMG 3731 Middle School Practicum I (160 clock hours)
  • EDMG 3232 Methods of Teaching Science
  • EDMG 3532 Methods of Teaching Math
  • EDMG 3732 Middle School Practicum II (160 clock hours)
  • EDMG 4895 Teaching/Seminar (Capstone clinical experience of 600 clock hours).

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