Business Administration

Welcome to the Department of Business Administration Webpage! As one of the largest academic units at Fort Valley State University, we are very proud of the students, faculty, staff and alumni affiliated with the Department of Business Administration.

The mission of the business administration program is to provide students with high quality education that emphasizes current knowledge, skills, ethical principles, professional development, and global market place understanding.

The Department of Business Administration carries out its mission through its commitment to the following guiding principles and values:

  • We are committed to excellence and to providing students with a high quality learning experience.
  • We are dedicated to providing all our customers with the best possible service
  • We review current practices in order to maintain high quality and to pursue excellence. We are dedicated to continuous improvement.
  • We believe in “strength through diversity.” We shall always strive to recruit and retain highly qualified and diverse students and faculty.
  • We will maintain a student-centered learning environment that relies on accessible faculty teaching small classes and utilizing collaborative and active learning methods.
  • We take responsibility to be accountable for our actions
  • We are open and transparent.
  • We are dedicated to the highest ethical standards and to dealing with all of our stakeholder with integrity.
  • We are committed to shared governance.

Our students major in accounting, marketing, supply chain logistics or management. They have the opportunity to participate in a number of professional business organizations and many also choose to intern prior to graduation.

We provide a solid preparation in business principles to prepare students for the world of employment.

We would love to hear from you and invite you to contact us. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Contact: Department of Business Administration

Phone: (478) 825-6270

The Department of Business Administration is the largest academic department of Fort Valley State University. It offers undergraduate degree programs in business that leads to BBA in Accounting, Supply Chain and Logistics, Management and Marketing. Our program is designed to educate and train students to prepare them for the culturally diverse, competitive, and dynamic global business environment. Beyond course contents, emphasis is also placed in the areas of computer skills, conceptual and problem solving skills, written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal, teambuilding and leadership skills.

In addition to the University level financial aid for students, our department offers a number of scholarships for outstanding students. For more information, please contact the department at (478) 825-6270.

Our graduates find jobs in corporations, public sector agencies, and leading accounting firms. Some graduates pursue entrepreneurial ventures to start their own business and some pursue graduate studies. The department in collaboration with the Counseling and Career Development Center actively pursues all possible employment and internship opportunities for the students.

Students and faculty are actively involved in the Marketing Club, ENACTUS and the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). These clubs sponsor seminars, field trips, and interact closely with industry. These activities provide students with excellent opportunities for networking with the professional community.

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